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 |**Colonel**|Edmond Wyndham|  |**Colonel**|Edmond Wyndham|
 |**Area Raised**|Devon|  |**Area Raised**|Devon|
-|**Flag Colour**|| +|**Flag Colour**|black?|
 |**Flag Design**||  |**Flag Design**||
 |**Field Armies**|Garrison| |**Field Armies**|Garrison|
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 =====Notes===== =====Notes=====
 =====Flags===== =====Flags=====
 +Possibly Wyndham'​s regiment carried black flags, as a Parliamentarian Lt Knight was rewarded £10 for capturing the black colours at the Storm of Bridgewater. However this is not certain as elements of other Royalist foot regiments also appear to have been in garrison at Bridgewater.  ​
 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ====Colonel Edmond Wyndham==== ====Colonel Edmond Wyndham====