Earl of Carbery’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1644
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelEarl of Carbery
Area RaisedWest Wales
Coat ColourRed?
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies

Royalist regiment of foot raised and serving in South-West Wales

Service History


  • August: Taking of Tenby


  • February: Loss of Trefloyne?
  • March: Loss of Haverfordwest
  • March: Besieged at Tenby?


Carbery raised two regiments of foot, the other was sent to reinforce the Oxford army under his brother, Sir Henry Vaughan.

Coats, Flags

The Parliamentarians captured 100 new red coats at Haverfordwest in 1644, possibly belonging to Carbery's regiment.

Notable Officers

A list of the regiment's officers is shown in Officers and Regiments of the Royalist Army by Stuart Reid (Partizan Press).

Earl of Carbery

Richard Vaughan, Earl of Carbery was commander in South West Wales from 1643 to early 1644.


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