Sir Charles Gerard’s Regiment of Foot

Flag Illustration1)
Active1642 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Charles Gerard
Francis Windebank
Area RaisedLancashire
Coat ColourBlue
Flag ColourBlue and Fillemot
Flag DesignGyronny with Laurels
Field ArmiesOxford
Gerard 1644-5

Perhaps later Colonel Francis Windebank's Regiment of Foot

Raised as part of the Earl of Derby’s forces in Lancashire, they then served with the Oxford Army and later under Windebank as the garrison of Bletchington House and under Gerard in South Wales

Service History


  • September: Siege of Manchester
  • 23rd October: Battle of Edgehill - Part of Colonel Charles Gerard's Brigade (front left)
  • 13th November: Standoff at Turnham Green
  • 9th December: Garrison of Oxford


  • 2nd February: Storm of Cirencester (det)
  • April: Storm of Birmingham (det?)
  • April: Siege of Lichfield (det?), Gerard wounded
  • April: Besieged at Reading
  • May: Quartered at Culham Camp
  • 20th September: First Battle of Newbury - Part of Sir Nicholas Byron's Brigade
  • Garrison of Oxford


  • 29th March: Battle of Cheriton (under Lt Col Windebanke)
  • May: Siege of Kidwelly Castle
  • June: Storm of Carmarthen
  • June: Storm of Cardigan
  • June: Storm of Newcastle Emlyn
  • June: Storm of Laugharne Castle
  • July: Taking of Roch Castle
  • July: Skirmish at Haverfordwest
  • July: Siege of Pembroke


  • April: Surrender of Bletchington House (Windebank)
  • April: Battle of Newcastle Emlyn?
  • July: Battle of Langport??


Lt Col Edward Villiers was besieged at Reading in April 1643 but Gerard's also served with Prince Rupert at Lichfield, so perhaps a detachment went with Rupert's 'flying army'. Exactly what happened in 1644 is still rather unclear, either Gerard led his regiment of foot to South Wales in 1644 leaving a detachment under Windebank at Bletchington, or one or the other raised a new regiment.

Coats and Flags

Their flag is usually shown as blue and yellow, as above, but is given by Symonds as blue and fillemot - a colour described in 1675 as ”…somewhat towards a gold Colour” (London Gazette Number 982). The flag also features a gold laurel wreath. It has been speculated that this could be an award for gallantry, but whether this is true is unknown. Symonds noted this colour, and a plain blue Colonel's colour, at the Aldbourne Chase muster in April 1644.

Gerard's foot wore blue coats in February 1644 2). There is a claim by Thomas Bushell for payment For 800 Suites by the Kings order to the Ld Gerards Regiment intended for the Queens Lifeguard in Switzers habit, but delivered to him at her going to France £14003), suggesting that Gerard's wore Swiss-style uniforms, as unlikely as it may sound.

The regiment was issued pikes and muskets, powder, match and shot and musket rests from Oxford in 1643 (see below), 140 muskets were issued from Weymouth by February 16444).

Notable Officers

Charles Gerard

Francis Windebank

Francis Windebank was executed for surrendering Bletchington.

Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Villiers

Wounded at 1st Newbury

Officer Lists

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

  • Colonel Sir Charles Gerard
  • Lieutenant Colonel Edward Villiers (5)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Edward Williams (1)
  • Sargeant Major Cotterell (12)
  • Sargeant Major Edward Williams (1)
  • Sargeant Major Windebank (3)
  • Captain Egerton (2)
  • Captain Edward Hatton (9)
  • Captain Price (10)
  • Captain Francis Windebank (6)
  • Captain Whitley (8)
  • Captain Lieutenant Charles Sledd (4)
  • Lieutenant Euble Lloyd (7)
  • Lieutenant Richard Vaughan (3)
  • Ensign John Whitley (8) to Capt. Whitley
  • Quartermaster John Hodgson (11)

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

(1) Harl.Mss. 6852.f.190

Commission to Lieutenant Colonel Edward Williams, Charles Gerards Regiment of Foot. 18.11.1643.

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Villiers was wounded at 1st Newbury with many of the Regiment, which appears to have received the most casualties recorded for a royalist foot regiment in the battle.

Harley Mss. 6804 f.162 A list of all hurt and wounded both of Officers and souldiers in these Regiments. The reverse of the document states hurt souldiers at Newbury.

Sir Charles Gerards Regiment

  • Lt. Coll.
  • 2 Captaines
  • 4 Lieutenants
  • 9 Ensignes
  • 7 Sargeants
  • 78 Common souldiers

(2) WO.55.423.65 Supplies for Colonel Gerards Regiment 70lb match signed Captain Egerton.

(3) WO55.458.63

24. October (1643) Received out of his Majesties stores for the use of Coll: Charles Gerards Regiment of Foote

  • Powder 1cwt.
  • Match 1cwt.
  • Musket shott 1cwt.

Richard Vaughan Lieutenmant to Sargiant Maior Windebanke

(4)WO55.458.27 Part 2.

Captain Lieutenant Charles Sledd 28 Pikes Colonel Charles Gerards Foot Regiment. 19.6.1643.

(6) WO55.1661.155

19. December 1642

Col. Gerard

  • Spades 15
  • Pickaxes 18
  • Shovells 35

Fran. Windebank

Oxford St. Mary Magdalen Parish Register

7.8.1643 Thomas Wootten Sgt. under Capt. Windebanke

(7) National Library of Wales Chirk Mss.(6) b1 86 No. 150

The humble petition of John Humphrey of Ruthyn, slater

Humbly sheweth that whereas your petitioner hath been a a souldier in his late Majesties service of blessed memory in the Regiment of Collonel Jarrard and under the command of Captaine Wyndebanke and Lieutenant Euble Lloyd where he receaved severall wounds and bruises and very dangerously burned with powder to the hazard of his life where he continued severall yeares in severall battles and was true and faithful all alons as some of his fellow souldiers that now receave pensions out of this County all justifie, and now being aged poore and almost blind and feeling the smart of his old wounds and bruises not able to follow his trade to provide his living is forced to begg your charitable benevolence.

(8) WO55.1661.372 March 11. 1643 dd out of his Majesties stores unto Capt'n Wheatley of Coll. Gerards Regiment Musketts fixt 7 John Whitley Ensigne.

(9) WO55.1661.408 30 August 1643 dd out of his Majesties stores to Edw: Hatton Captaine of Colonell Gerards Regiment Long Pykes 1

(10) WO55.1661.410 7. Septemb. 1643

dd out of his Majesties stores to Captaine Price of Colonell Gerards Regiment of Foote in liew of so many broken Pykes.

  • Long Pykes 18
  • Partizan 1
  • Muskett restes 32
  • Powder bagges 32

(11) WO55.423.141 Rec the 7th November 1642 out of his Majesties Magazine for the use of Coll: Gerard

  • Powder 100lb
  • Match 100lb
  • Shott 100lb

By mee Jn: Hodgson Quartermaster to Coll: Gerard

(12) WO55.459.11 To Sir Jo: Heydon Knt. Lieutenant Generall of the Ordnance and to ye Officers of the same.

You are forthwith upon sight hereof to receive out of his Majesties Magazine two hundred weight of match and one hundred thereof to deliver to Maior Wharton for ye use of my Regiment and ye other to deliver to Maior Cotterell for ye use of Collonell Gerards Regiment and for your soe doeinge this shalbe your warrant. Dated at Oxford ye 4. of March 1643


Rec'd out of his Majesties stores according to ye warrant within written for ye use of Colonell Gerards Regiment of Foote Match 1cwt p mee Tho: Ashwell


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1) Flag image by kind permission of Wargames Designs
2) British Library Harley Ms 986
3) Original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642
4) Bodleian Library Rawlinson Ms D395