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 ====Sir William Saville==== ====Sir William Saville====
 [[https://​en.m.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Sir_William_Savile,​_3rd_Baronet|Sir William Saville]] or Savile. [[https://​en.m.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Sir_William_Savile,​_3rd_Baronet|Sir William Saville]] or Savile.
 +Sir William Savilles Dragoons
 +Captain ​                               Attey                WYL/​100/​PO/​2/​A/​I/​26
 +Captain ​                          ​Bromhead ​           Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                            ​Dixon ​                 Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                            ​Markham ​           Add.Mss.24440 f.105 see horse officer though
 +Captain ​                         William Saville ​     (2)
 +Lieutenant ​                    James Child          I.O. York to Capt. Bromhead ​
 +Lieutenant ​                    John Fayrbank ​     I.O. York to Capt. Dixon
 +(1) WYL100/​PO/​2/​1/​I/​26
 +Warrant 19th November 1643 to Mr Watkinson
 +For arms to be supplied to Captain Atteys Troop of  Dragoons
 +(2) Beaumont Papers published 1884
 +Sir William Saville to Major Thomas Beaumont
 +I receved the letter dated yesterday, and for the writinges ​
 +that are Mr. Spencers I am willing he have them restored, but I 
 +heare nothinge of an assesment I wished you to make, whearin by 
 +assisinge all about you att easy summes weekely, as, some of the 
 +richest of all ten shillinges weekely, and some but sixe pence or 
 +twelvepence weekely, and so all sumes betweene them so fornamed, ​
 +a competent sume of mony might be gott upp for the weekely ​
 +entertainment of the officers and soldiers in the Castle. ​
 +Tor the bullets that are alreddy made if you thinck the way 
 +be safe send them to the Castle att Pontefratt, and write to the 
 +Governor theare to keepe them for me, and I have alreddy att 
 +Pontefratt Castle that is for your house twenty firkins of hutter. ​
 +I have mach to, butt it will not be att Pontefratt untill to-morrow ​
 +night att the soonest ; for gun powder I shall not be unmindfull of 
 +you. but however be carefull; and for provition of fish I have sent 
 +to Scarborough for as much as will serve you one day in a weeke 
 +for a yeare. For Wm, Savile, I will examine him about that you 
 +write, be beinge now att Yorke for Capt. Markham ; he is not to 
 +have any pay nor his dragooners ; I wonder much he should expect ​
 +any. I make no question but he will behave himselfe well and 
 +carefully, and if he doe so he may easyly beleevc I will be carfull ​
 +of him. 
 +For Sir Fran. Wortley itt is heare said that he is enclosed in 
 +his house; whither he be or no, you must not suffer Shefield Castle ​
 +to suffer, if you can helpe itt. I have looked over the list you sent 
 +me, and thinck that a troupe of dragooners may very well be spard, ​
 +and thearfore I could wish you could devise a way to gett fifty of 
 +them horsed. If Mr. Bright, my Lord of Arrondel'​s balife, have any 
 +lead, sease of itt, carry itt into the Castle, and if you can find any 
 +delinquents that have not compounded serve them so to. Lay out 
 +intiligence to see if you can learne of any packes that cume from 
 +London to Manchester ; such a prise would doe well. 
 +If you send your providore or his deputy into Marshland, ​
 +that cuntry affordeth att this present great store of beenes and 
 +corne of all sorts. Gett great store of provition, malt and meale 
 +especially, and gett 100 bogsheades of beare brewed att least, and 
 +when any sendeth for provition into the toune of Shefield or neare 
 +thear abouts doe you superseade the warrantes under your hand, 
 +and I will make itt out ; and lett your providores be diligent every 
 +Lett every one about Shefield continue to be carefull, for t heare 
 +is the hart of 
 +Your most faithfull friend and servant, ​
 +Wil. Savile. ​
 +I shall desiare to heare what becumeth of Sir Fran. Wortley, ​
 +and how the case standeth with him and his forces. ​
 +I would know whither you have provided yourselfes of a 
 +chirourgion;​ theare is one att Barnsley that will serve your turne; ​
 +send for him, and if he will not come I will provide you. 
 +If you will send to my tenant Sutton, who doeth live ether 
 +at Southwingfield or Sherland in Darbyshire, send a woman with 
 +your letter, and Sutton will either goe to my wife or find a 
 +messinger. ​
 +Endorsed, — For my noble frend Ser. Ma. Beaumount, deputy governor of the 
 +Toune and Castle of Shefield. ​
 +Lett the bearer haste, this 3 of June 1643, with this letter and tow more. 
 +Wil. Savile. ​
 +Sir William Savile to Major Thomas Beaumont.
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