Train of Artillery 1641

This appears to be a list of the artillery train of Ormonde's Leinster army, based at Dublin

1641. —A list of the officers, ministers, and artyficers of the trayne of artillery1).:

  • Generall of the Ordnance, Lord Justice Borlasse
  • Lieutenant, Jo. Russell ; one clearke ;
  • Commissary for the trayne, Thomas Cheslin ; one clearke ;
  • Commissary for the army, Thomas Tallis ; one clearke.
  • Four gentlemen of the Ordnance :—Richard Francis, Thomas Lany, Paul Godwin, Christopher Price.
  • Eight gunners :—Richard Barrett, Edward Butler, Edward Kearny, Nathaniell Clearke, Thomas Taylor, do. Weston, Henry Gee, Gilbert Tonques.
  • Eight mates for them :—William Webb, Thomas Short, Richard Kearny, {blank) Clarke, Thomas Maritt, (blank).
  • One paymaster, Thomas Cheslin;
  • one 'quartermaster, William Foster;
  • conductor of the matroses, Thomas Potts; twenty-five matroses;
  • one provost-marshall, Christopher Bayly ;
  • one chirurgeon ;
  • one wagonmaster, Peeter Baker;
  • commissarye of the draught horses, Gyles Barrett;
  • one master smith, Jo. Hollands ; two servants ; two hoofesmiths ;
  • one master carpenter, Mathew Tillett; two men for him (blank) ;
  • two wheelwrights {blank) ;
  • one cordagemaker, William Thompson;
  • one harnesmaker, Wilcocks ; one servant;
  • one smearer, Jo. Marshall.

Endorsed: A Lyst of the Officers of the trayne of artillery, of officers, ministers, and artificers, 1641.

1) Historical Manuscripts Commission, Fourteenth Report, Appendix, Part VII, The Manuscripts of the Marquis of Ormonde