The Army of the Earl of Inchiquin

August/September 1647

Munster Regiments are those that were serving in Munster by January 1646, while English Regiments are those raised from disbanded men in England during 1646 and 1647. Most arrived in Munster in the Spring and Summer of 1647.

Munster Regiments

English Regiments

Broghill's Brigade

(These four regiments were intended to form a brigade under Lord Broghill, he never actually assumed the command.)

Lisle and Loftus had both departed from Munster after Lisle's commission expired and Lisle's Lt-Col by July. The command of Lisle's was in April and May being held for Col. John Dalbier. Either or both may have ended up under :-

  • Colonel William Kingsmill’s Regiment of Foot (Strength 28/08/47 430 men + officers)
    • As late as the end of June 1647 Kingsmill appears to have still been Lt Col to Inchiquin's own regiment. As a number of his officers also seem to have come from Inchiquin's, the regiment would appear to be either newly raised or the result of Inchiquin placing some trusted officers over the remains of his opponents' regiments


Munster Regiments

English Regiments

  • 7061 foot
  • 1569 horse
  • 135 dragoons

After allowing for garrison needs and the difficulties of campaigning in winter, Inchiquin's own figures of 1200 horse and near 4000 foot for the Battle of Knocknanuss seem reasonable.