A List of the Horse Troops 1642

This list is taken from the Ormonde Manuscripts1)

1642.—A list of the horse troopes:

  • Lord Generall's troope, Feltrim.
  • Lieutenant-General, Dublin.
  • Lord Borlase, Malahide.
  • Earl of Strafford, Kilsha[l]ghan.
  • Lord Moore, Drogheda.
  • Sir Adam Loftus, Athy.
  • Sir George Wentworth, Killeneny.
  • Sir Thomas Lucas, Gormanstowne.
  • Sir Charles Coote's Dragoons, Taulagh.
  • Captain Armstrong, Corballies.
  • Lord Lisle, Leislip.
  • Sir Richard Greeneville, Trim.
  • Lord Digby, Conaught.
  • Captain William Vaughan, Dundalfc.
  • Captain John Marrow, Drogheda.
  • Captain George Villers, Ibidem.
  • Lord Dillon, Platin.
  • Captain Algernown Sydney, Bischopp's Court.
  • Captain William Baker, Dundalk.
  • Captain Duckenfield, Trym.
  • Captain Moyle, Trim.
  • Captain Payt, Glasmullyn.

Endorsed : A list of the forces in Leinster, and where they are garrisoned, 17th August, 1642.

1) Historical Manuscripts Commission, Fourteenth Report, Appendix, Part VII, The Manuscripts of the Marquis of Ormonde, p136