Lord Ranelagh’s Regiment of Foot

Active1642 to
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelLord Ranelagh
Area RaisedEngland
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesOrmonde 1641-2

Regiment of foot raised in England and serving in Ormonde's Leinster army during the Confederate War

Service History


  • Garrison of Athlone (Irish Companies)
  • Spring: Raised in England for service in Connaught
  • June: Shipped from Chester to Dublin1)
  • July: Relief of Athlone
  • Garrison of Athlone



Lord Ranelagh had one company of the 'Old Army' with him in Connaught, known as the Lord President's company, at the start of the rebellion, and raised another company locally in 1642, that seems to be led by Captain King2).

Coats, Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

A list of the regiment's officers is also shown in An English Army for Ireland by Ian Ryder, Partizan Press.

Lord Ranelagh

Roger Jones, 1st Viscount Ranelagh was Lord President of Connaught, based at Athlone Castle. He was killed in battle in 1643.

Officer Lists


Lord Viscount Raunelagh's regiment3)

  • Colonel Lord Viscount Rannelagh,
  • Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Kirke
  • Sergeant Major Abraham Shipman
  • Captain Robert Sandes
  • Captain Arthur Jones
  • Captain Thomas Traford
  • Captain Stradling
  • Captain Thomas


  • 1642: Establishment of 1000 men4)

See Also

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4) An English Army for Ireland by Ian Ryder. Partizan Press