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   *Captain Francis King   *Captain Francis King
   *Captain Thomas Long.   *Captain Thomas Long.
 +Colonel ​                      Sir Michael Earneley
 +Lieutenant Colonel ​                         Gibbs
 +Sargeant Major                               ​Astley
 +Captain ​                                        ​Ranger
 +Captain ​                                        ​Barthu
 +Captain ​                      Sir William Brounker
 +Captain ​                                          Long
 +Captain ​                                         Nichols
 +Captain ​                                       King    ​
 + On 15.9.1643 Regimental Muster below.
 +Colonel ​                      Sir Michael Earneley
 +Lieutenant Colonel ​  ​William Gibbs
 +Sargeant Major         ​Bernard Astley
 +Captain ​                      ​Francis Ranger
 +Captain ​                      Sir William Brunker ​
 +Captain ​                      ​Daniel Nicholls
 +Captain ​                      ​Robert King
 +Captain ​                      John Daniell formerly Captain Thomas Vaughan
 +Captain ​                      ​Thomas Cary
 +In England
 +Lieutenant Colonel ​  ​William Gibbs
 +Sargeant Major          Richard Kirkbie (1)
 +Sargeant Major          Francis Ranger (3) Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                      ​(Thomas) Cary   Ment. I.O.
 +Captain ​                      ​William Long       I.O. L + W
 +Captain ​                              ​Pagenham ​  Ment. I.O. 
 +Lieutenant ​                 Thomas Ady       I.O. Wilts. to Capt. Cary
 +Lieutenant ​                 James Hisland ​  ​(2)  ​
 +Lieutenant ​                 John Kirk             I.O. L + W to Capt. Pagenham
 +Ensign ​                       Thomas Cole       I.O. Salop. to Sgnt. Maj. Ranger
 +8th May 1643 King Charles wrote to Ormonde that Bernard Astley,Sgt. Major  to Sir Michael Erneleys Regiment was in England and that his rank was to be kept open. 
 +(1) Add. Mss. 18981 f.305
 +Sir,I wonder I should write six or seaven severall tymes and never receive anie answere from you but nowe hoping this will com to you,I desire you wilbee pleased to present my service to the doctor.
 +Sir I fynd myselfe soe dangerouslie sicke as I have putt all my forces to Sir John Girlington,​and Francis Middleton I have made Lieutenant Colonell of my Troopes,​whom I doubt not but you will bestowe such a grante of,when he comes to you;The Countrie was soe ill desposed and men soe sicke in Furness,​that fewe men could bee raysed,​onely my cozin Kirkbie,​which the Maior to of Sir Michael Earnleys brought out about a hunderd men,soe not being able to give you anie further account I rest,
 +Your humble servant
 +John Preston
 +Newarke this 25th of October 1644 
 +Somewhat confusing.
 +Richard Kirkby
 +Captain ​ Edward Stanton ​ I.O. Lancaster
 +Apparently Kirkby became Governor of Cockermouth
 +(2) St. Marys Shrewsbury Parish Register ​
 +Christened Shusanna Daughter of Mr James Hisland,​Lieutenant 9.1.1644/5
 +He could equally have served Colonel Billingsleys Regiment and I have therefore listed him under both regiments.
 +(3)Add. Mss.22085 Committee of Wiltshire
 +f.20 Francis Ranger.Whereas we have seized more of Mr Rangers Mony,A Major in the Kings Army the sum of 28 pounds
 +1st October 1645