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 ====1645==== ====1645====
   *February: Loss of Shrewsbury??​   *February: Loss of Shrewsbury??​
 +  *April: Possibly det in Redmire Castle. Yorkshire??
   *June: Battle of Naseby   *June: Battle of Naseby
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 this 24th day of February 1643(4) this 24th day of February 1643(4)
 +===The London Post 1st-8th April 1645===
 +200 Horse of Major Smithsons & 4 score Dragoons of Col. Westalls & Col. Lasells fell upon the enemy at Ridmore not far from Bolton, killed some and took Captain Bambrigg, Governor of the Castle & 47 more.
 +This is in fact Redmire and Bolton Castle, Yorkshire.
 +This may or may not be the same Captain Bambrigg but the note can be moved or deleted.
 +Lord Scroope was mentioned as keeping Bolton Castle in the previous London Post 25th March to 1st April 1645.
 +(A)Captured at Marston ​ Moor while holding this rank E.54.8
 +(C)Captured at Nantwich
 +(E)In Ireland as Ensign to Capt.Charles Scrimgeur,​Lieutenant.Geo. Betts.He probably came over as Lt. to Betts and took over the company after Betts capture at Nantwich.
 +(N)In Ireland as Ensign to Capt.Anth. Greene,​Lieutenant Will.Willier. ​
 +(D)Captured at Nantwich Mag.Dei,​changed sides 
 +(X) Carte. Vol.8.
 +Lieutenant William Spotswood carried a letter 19.12.1642 from James Marquess of Ormonde to Secretary Nicholas at Oxford.
 +‘I have chosen to send it by this gentleman Lt. William Spotswood out of the assurance I have for his discretion…’ ​
 +It is possible that he was promoted upon the death of Captain Spotswoood a relation who is mentioned in a letter by Captain Harry Byrch of the army from Ireland as ‘dieing gallantly’ and the letter is dated 15.12.1643.Possibly a brother of William. Cartes Original letters and papers. SEE UNDER MARROW
 +I have is attributed him to Hunckes regiment as his name is in the middle of the list of the last five Captains captured at Nantwich,​all of which are Hunckes officers. ​
 +(1) Cheshire Record Office QJF 90/2 Trinity 1662 No. 174
 +      Petition of Hugh Dod of Tiverton. Christmas1643.Signed by Sgnt. John Price.
 +(2) Cheshire Record Office QJF 90/3 Michlemas 1662 No. 99
 +      Petition of Richard Salmon Sgt. in Collins Co. in Ireland,​continued in England.Signed Rog. Wilbraham,​Rich. Jackson Ant.  and Sab. Church. ​    
 +Thomas Collins was originally Lieutenant to Captain Sir Dudley Loftus in Hunckes regiment in Ireland.HMC.Ormonde Item.26
 +(3) SP19.116.75
 +Huncke was briefly Governor of Shrewsbury and was an extremely able military commander.
 +John Bucknall of Abbey Foregate,​Shrewsbury deposed that when the Parliament forces came against Shrewsbury Huncke told the inhabitants to remove their goods.He ordered diverse homes to be pulled down unless the inhabitants would defend it.(3)
 +Lieutenant Colonel ​            ​Gerard Fulk        (4) + Ment. I.O.
 +Lieutenant ​                          ​Richard Nash     I.O. Salop. to. Lt.Col.* Gerard Fulk
 +Quartermaster ​                   Thomas Beckett (4)
 +(4) William Salt Library S/MSS 565/71
 +Certificate stating that Thomas Beckett served as Quartermaster in the Troop of Adjutant General John Skrimshere for 3 years and also in Captain Gerard Fulkes Troop.
 +Served at Newark,​Stockport,​Bolton,​Liverpool,​Marston Moor,​Montgomery and Naseby,​finally surrendering at Oxford. ​
 +Who was Hunckes Lieutenant Colonel in England when they arrived ?
 +Was Theodore Morris a Capt. and promoted following Hammonds promotion to Lt. Col. ?
 +Add.Mss.46399A f.80
 +To the High Constables of the Hundred of Chirk and to either of them
 +Forasmuchas 400 foote souldiers of Colonell Hunckes his Regiment by speciall order of the Lord Byrons be in garrison at the Towne of Wrexham for the defence of this countie and are to have free quarter and twelve pence apiece every weeke the charge whereof amounted to above one hundred and twentie pounds and for payment to bee maintained by the Hundred of Bromfielf,​Yale and Chirk in pursuance whereof wee have granted warrants to leavie and your proportion being fourty pounds is to bee leavied by you.These are therefore in his Majesties name to charge and..
 +this 24th day of February 1643(4)
 +CSPD1 Dec 1664 Can't find a Joshua Cooper
 +Same on the petition of Colonel Robert Broughton and 
 +others. ​
 +Broughton, Mrs. Cooper, the widow of Major Joshua Cooper, ​
 +and several officers in Sir Foulk Hunks' regiment in Ireland, ​
 +desire an order to the Commissioners to take them into the list 
 +and state their accounts and their debentures given out, that 
 +the petitioners may be able to claim their shares out of the 
 +lands, &c., assigned by His Majesty and Parhament for those 
 +who were constantly loyal to and never declined service under 
 +your Majesty. ​