Lord Lieutenant General’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsIrish Confederate War
First Civil War
ColonelEarl of Leicester
George Monck
Henry Warren
Area RaisedEngland
Coat ColourRed
Flag ColourRed?
Flag Design
Field ArmiesOrmonde 1642-3
Byron 1644
Oxford 1645

The Earl of Leicester's, later Colonel George Monck’s Regiment of Foot, then Colonel Henry Warren’s Regiment of Foot

Regiment that was raised in England for service in Leinster, came to Britain in late 1643 and fought for the Royalists

Service History


  • January: Raised in England
  • February: Shipped from Chester to Dublin, arriving 20th-21st February1)
  • May: In garrison at Dublin


  • August: Battle of Portlester?
  • December: Shipped to Neston, Cheshire
  • December: Storm of Crewe Hall


  • January: Siege of Nantwich
  • 25th January: Battle of Nantwich
  • May: Storm of Stockport
  • May: Storm of Bolton
  • June: Siege of Liverpool
  • 2nd July: Battle of Marston Moor
  • September: Siege of Montgomery Castle
  • September: Battle of Montgomery
  • Garrison of Shrewsbury


  • January: Loss of Shrewsbury
  • 31st May: Storm of Leicester.
  • June: Battle of Naseby


Monck was at Portlester

Coats, Flags and Equipment

The regiment wore red coats while serving in Munster 2). On return to England they were referred to as the red regiment, probably referring to flag colour, but perhaps coats.

Notable Officers

Earl of Leicester

Robert Sidney, 2nd Earl of Leicester succeeded Strafford as Lord Lieutenant General of Ireland in 1641 but never came to Ireland and resigned in 1643.

Colonel George Monck

George Monck led the regiment in Ireland.

Colonel Henry Warren

Led the regiment in England.

Officer Lists

A list of the regiment's officers is also shown in An English Army for Ireland by Ian Ryder, Partizan Press.


The Lord Lieutenant-Generall's regiment3)

  • Colonel Lord Lieutenant Generall
    • Captain Guy Moldsworth (in command of the company when it was shipped)4)
  • Lieutenant Colonel George Monck
  • Sergeant Major Henry Warren
  • Captain Charles Lloyd Quarter master-Generall (in England 1641)
  • Captain (blank) Disney
  • Captain Richard Thorland
  • Captain Nathaniell Gray
  • Captain Jonathan Atkins
  • Captain Robert Turvile
  • Captain Henry Washington
  • Captain John Boyse
  • Captain Snelling
  • Captain William Cope
  • Captain Thomas Paramour.

The Ormonde Manuscript also mentions My Lord Lieutenant's guard : old company

Lord Lieutenant General's Regiment

  • Colonel The Lord Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Colonel George Monck
  • Sargeant Major Henry Warren
  • Captain Richard Thurland
  • Captain Nathaniel Gray
  • Captain Jonathan Atkins
  • Captain Francis Turvill
  • Captain Henry Washington
  • Captain Sherley Snelling *
  • Captain William Cope
  • Captain John Boyse
  • Captain Thomas Paramour*
  • Captain John Disney

*In margin “Deceased”

Original research by Victor Judge aka '1642'

The Captain Lieutenant appears to have been Algernon Sidney

Ensign Henry Skipwith to Capt. Grey (Carte Papers Vol.8 3.1.1643/4)

Lieutenant Richard Palmer to Captain Washingtons Company Petition of Richard Palmer late Lieutenant and Commander of the Foot Company of Captain Washington in Ireland, to the House of Commons. Petitioner was by an unfortunate shot deprived of both eyes, and thereby forced to repair hither for relief.

Charles I to Ormonde Henry Skipwith Ensign to Captain Gray in Ireland recommending him for a Captain of Foot.

August 1642

1642, August.— The names of the severall garrisons and custodiumsn now belonging to his Excellences regiment.

  • At garrison in Dublin :—His Excellence's company, Captain Lloyd's company : Captain Turvill, Captain Thorland, Captain Atkins, Captain Gray, Captain Cope, Captain Boys.
  • Colonel Monck's company, at garrison in Laughlinstowne and KilCobin.
  • Sergeant-Major Warren's company, in garrison at Ould Towne.
  • Captain Washington, in garrison at Leslepp.
  • In garrison at Trim. Captain Disney's company, Captain Snelling's, Captain Paramore's.
  • Commanded men at Balldoile, Drum Connock, New Towne.

Endorsed by Ormonde : Strength of the regiments—given mee the 26th of August, 1642.

January 1643

  • His Excellence's companie
  • Lieutenant-Collonell Monck
  • Sergant-Major Warren
  • Captaine Lloyde
  • Captaine Washington
  • Captaine Atkins
  • Captaine Gray
  • Captaine Cope
  • Captaine Danyell Broughton.

Lord Lieutenant General's May 20 - 15 September 1643

  • Colonel Robert Earl of Leycester
  • Lieutenant Colonel George Monck
  • Sargeant Major Henry Warren
  • Captain Charles Lloyd now Captain Edd. Goffe
  • Captain John Disney
  • Captain Richard Thurland
  • Captain Nathaniel Grey
  • Captain Johnathan Atkins
  • Captain Henry Washington
  • Captain John Boyse now Captain Edward Jackson
  • Captain Snelling afterwards Captain Guy Moulesworth now Captain Hercules Dymock
  • Captain William Cope
  • Captain Thomas Paramore now Captain Francis Lisle

September 1643

The following list is dated September 15 1643, just 2 months before embarkation to England

  • Colonel Henry Warren
  • Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Boughton
  • Sargeant Major Francis Lisle
  • Captain John Disney
  • Captain Edward Jackson
  • Captain Edward Cuff
  • Captain Hercules Hunck* should this be Dymock ?
  • Captain Samuel Nexinson formerly Earl of Leicesters Company
  • Captain John Rossiter formerly Lt. Col. Moncks Company
  • Captain William Palmers formerly Captain William Cope
  • Captain Bartholomew Phillips formerly Captain Richard Thurland
  • Captain Daniel Boughton formerly Captain Nathaniel Gray
  • Captain Edward Fowler formerly Captain Johnathan Atkins
  • Captain Daniel Moore formerly Captain Henry Washington

Additional mentions

  • Lieutenant Palmer to Capt. Washington 5.12.1642 CSPD Ireland
  • Ensign Robert Harrington 24.12.1642 £5 paid to Colonel Monck for Harringtons burial
  • Ensign Morrison to be Ld. Lts Ensign Nalson. Vol.II 21.1.1641/2
  • Lieutenant Palmer Lt to Capt Boys 21.1.1641/2
  • Captain Cope 21.1.1641/2 Co. landed at Dublin 24.2.1641/2 Cowper Mss. DCC/14/36. William Cope.
  • DCC/14/39 Captain Biddulph pay signed Lt. Edw. Dymocke 2.3.1641/2
  • DCC/14/57A + B Lieutenant Cole 8.3.1641/2
  • Lt John Mason of Capt Sydneys troop DCC/14/76 Apr 1642
  • Captain Snelling 21.1.1641/2
  • Ensign Smith Capt. Turbervilles Ensign NALSON 21.1.1641/2 COL MONCKS LETTER TO LORD LT. OF IRELAND
  • 40 of Biddulphs Company drowned at relief of Tredegah DCC/47/28
  • Petition of Richard Stoneleigh. Served under Captain Thomas Parrimoor in Ireland. Under Major Loyle and Colonel Monk.

Although somewhat confusing this can be attributed to the state of flux with Officers leaving and others already left to serve the King in England.

Upon arrival in England in November 1643

From the list of Officers captured at Nantwich together with I.O

The Red regiment

  • Colonel Henry Warren (captured at Nantwich)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Boughton (killed at abortive assault on Nantwich)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Francis Lisle (3) (Killed at Marston Moor)
  • Sargeant Major Francis Lisle (Carte Mss.Vol.9 6.2.43/4)
  • Sargeant Major Daniel Moore (I.O. L + W)
  • Captain Robert Berkly (I.O. Gloucester)
  • Captain George Cooke (Captured Nantwich, formerly Lt.)
  • Captain John Disney (Captured Nantwich (2))
  • Captain John Finch (Harley Mss.6852.f.84)
  • Captain Fisher (Carte Mss.Vol.9 6.2.43/4)
  • Captain Daniel Moore
  • Ensign Hercules Hannay (Carte Mss.Vol.9 6.2.43/4)

(1)Cheshire Record Office QJF 91/4 Epiph.1663 No.140 Petition of Richard Stubbs under Major Daniel Moore in Col. Henry Warrens regiment.Lost his arm at Marston Moor.

(2)Cheshire Record Office QJF 9/7 Trinity 1661 No.229 Petition of George Honey of Doddington in Ireland and England .

(3) E.4.16 The names of some honourable and noble personages,slain at York and not yet recorded. Lieutenant Colonel Lisle who heretofore had done good service in Holland.

At the surrender of Carnarvon 4.6.1646 John Disney held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel


E.49.36 End of May 1644

There was a Sgt. Major Fowler exchanged for a Sgt. Maj. Kite (held by Irish rebels at Westchester) so possibly Edward Fowler or alternatively the Fowler under Lisle.

Contemporary References


E.154.50 A Copie of letter from Sir Mauries Eustace…also another letter from Mr Bacon Drum Major to Collonel Gibson Linseys Knock

  • Colonel Monck shot through the hat
  • Lieutenant Colonel Kirke shot in the back
  • Lieutenant Connock
  • Captain Pates Dragoons
  • Captain George Vane
  • Sir Richard Grenviles Troop

Captain Finch's Declaration

Know all men by this proclamation. That I Captaine John Finch under the Regiment of Colonell Henry Warren doe acknowledge to have receaved of the Right Worshipful Randle Holmes, Maior of the Cittie of Chester & Elizabeth his wife the severall goods hereafter named which said goods were left there in the custodie of the said Elizabeth, being late the goods of Captaine Symon Finch under Sir Michael Earnleys Regiment; which said Symon was taken prissoner at Nantwich in the County of Chester, in his Majesties service: But since that tyme, hath forfieted the said goods by takeinge up Armes against his Majestie under the command of Sir William Brereton as it doth appeare upon Oath taken before the said Maior and others, as also by good testimony to the Right Honourable Lord Byron, Lord Field Marshall Generall, who by his warrant under his hand and seale hereunto annexed, hath given to me the said John Finch all the said goods soe remaininge in their custodie. An old paire of spurrs,15 poyntes, a little white pitcher, a plush jumpe with silver claspes, a taffatie dublett and cloth breeches, a cloak lined with plush, a paire of shammay sleeves, a Redd scarfe, three coarse linnen towells, an old trunk and xvi l in money,which said goods were all praised to iii l xiiish iid besides the money, which made upp in the whole xix li Xiiish iid. All which said goods and money I say, I the John Finch doe acknowledge to have receaved, of the said Randle Holmes, and Elizabeth his wife, by vertue of the said warrant from the said Lord Byron and thereof of every parte & parcell thereof. I doe hereby acquitt and discharge them the said Randle Holmes & Elizabeth his wife their & either of their executors & administrators from the said goods. And I doe promise and assume hereby, both for myself and Robert Finch Lieutennant under Captaine Edmund Langley who is to have parte thereof, both by my Lord Byroms direccion and my promise to the said Lord Byron…..

This fourteenth day of May anno dom. 1644

John Finch

Wilbraham's Deposition

William Wilbraham sonne of Sir Richard Wilbraham Knt. & Baronet this (torn) before us had deposed upon the holy evangelist that about a month since this examinant being in London fell into company with one Captain Finch as he informed this deponent was a Capt. in one of the Regiments that came out of Ireland and was taken prisoner neere Nantwich in service for his Majestie. Who tould the examinant that he was taken prisoner neere Nantwich and was brought to Acton Church where his money was taken from him from where he was brought prisoner to Nantwich and that since he hath accepted of a Commission to be Capt. of a Troope of Horse under Sir William Brereton which Commission Capt. Finch showed this deponent and further saith not.

Will. Wilbraham Cha: Holmes Maior Cha: Walley Randle Holmes

13th May 1644.

Byron to Ormond

Carte Mss.Vol.9. 6.2.1643/4 Lord Byron to Ormonde

Letter abstract requesting 600 native Irish. Mentions Major Lisle and Captain Fisher were forced to desert a strong house as their troops threatened to kill them. Ensign Hannow, a Scotch man ran away. This was in all probability Crewe House which was captured by Col. Henry Warrens regiment with assistance from Lord Molyneaux’s Horse regiment 28th December 1643.

The Scots Ensign is probably Hercules Hannay who signed a receipt for Algernon Sidney's Company of Foot in His Excellency's Regiment 2.2.1642/3. H.M.C V Report R. Cholmondeley Esq. Mss. Also in Cowper Mss. at Cheshire Record Office,Chester.

Byron to Newcastle

B6409B Two letters from the Lord Byron to his Excellence the Marquis of Newcastle 2nd January 1643/4. Whereupon I commanded Colonel Warren with his Regiment of Foot, and my Lord Molineaux with his Horse to march back to Crewe House, a strong place possessed by the rebels, betwixt Nantwich and Sandbach, intending to march thither myself with the rest of the Army next morning. My Lord Molineaux and Colonel Warren took in Crewe House, and in it above 200 prisoners, and sixty horse, with all their armes.

It was surrendered 5th February 1643/4 by Captain Fisher (although Malbon does not mention Major Lisle in his account) and the garrison allowed to march away leaving their arms behind them. Malbon states a fair party of which marched to Nantwich where they were entertained.

Francis Lisle would have been promoted to Lt. Col following the death of Daniel Boughton and Daniel Moore became Major in his place.


Muster 3rd of May 1642

The Lord Lieutenant's regiment :

  • His Excellencies owne company:—Present: officers, 11; pikemen, 56 ; musketiers, 125 = 192. Absent : Lord Lieutenant-Generall, 1; sicke, 20; lame, 2 ; in prison, 2; at Drogedagh, 1 = 26. In all, 218.
  • Captain George Munck, Lieutenant-Collonell :—Present: officers, 9; pikemen, 44 ; musketiers, 92 = 145. Absent : ensigne, sick, 1 ; souldiars, sick, 16 = 17. In all, 162.
  • Captain Henry Warren, Serjeant-Major :—Present : officers, 10 pikemen, 42 ; musketiers, 92 = 144. Absent: sick souldiars, 17. In all, 161.
  • Captain Henry Washington : —Present : officers, 9 ; pikemen, 30 ; musketiers, 60 = 99. Absent : Drum sick, and 10 souldiars =11. In all, 110.
  • Captain Jonathan Atkins :—Present : officers, 8 ; pikes, 23 ; musketiers, 57 = 88. Absent : Captain and drum sick, 2 ; sick souldiars, 20 = 22. In all, 110.
  • Captain Nathaniel Gray :—Present : officers, 10 ; pikemen, 31 ; musketiers, 66 = 107. Absent: sick, 7. In all, 114.
  • Captain Thomas Paramour :—Present : officers, 9 ; pikemen, 27 ; musketiers, 61 =97. Absent: Ensigne and 12 souldiais sick, 13. In all, 110.
  • Captain Sheily Snellinge :—Present: officers, 9 ; pikemen, 2(> ; musketiers, 60 = 95. Absent: sick, 13; hurt, 1 ; absent, 1 = 15. In all, 110.
  • Captain William Cope :—Present: officers, 10; pikemen, 31; musketiers, 61 = 102. Absent: sicke, 8. In all, 110.
  • Captaine John Boyes :—Present : officers, 10 ; pikemen, 28 ; musketiers, 63 = 101. Absent : sicke, 9. In all, 110.
  • Captaine Disney :-Present : officers 9; pikemen, 29; musketiers, 63 = 101. Absent-, sicke, 8; captaine in England, 1=9. In all, 110.

Muster 29th November 1642

Lord Generall's regiment :—

  • Lord Generall's company, 129
  • Colonel Moncke, 112
  • Sergeant-Major Warren, 94
  • Captaine Charles Lloyde, 70
  • Captaine Washington, 56
  • Captaine Atkins, 62
  • Captaine Gray, 69;
  • Captaine Turvell (deceased) his company, 52
  • Captaine Cope, 83
  • Lord Generall's guard, 93
  • Total = 823.
  • Absent companies:Sir Patrick Weymes, Sir George Blundell, Earl of Strafturd, Captain Erasmus Burrowes, and Sir Thomas Lucas.

See Also

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2) Information kindly provided by BCW Wiki contributor 1642
3) Historical Manuscripts Commission, Fourteenth Report, Appendix, Part VII, The Manuscripts of the Marquis of Ormonde
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