Lord Kinalmeaky’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelLord Kinalmeaky
Area RaisedMunster
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies Inchiquin 1642

Protestant foot raised in Munster in 1642

Service History


  • Kinalmeaky raises 100 foot in Munster1).
  • Garrison of Bandonbridge



  • February: The Earl of Cork travels to Oxford via Bristol, rumours that he brought 700 men are likely inaccurate2)


Coats, Flags & Equipment

“and yet these nyne moneths they have not had one penny of entertaynment from the King nor Parliament, onely the honorable house of Commons taking notice of their remarkable services, have lately very gratiously bestowed upon them 400 Musquetts with powder, match and lead, 50 swords, 200 Belts, two drums, 5 new Coulors and some other victualls and habiliments of warre.” Earl of Cork to speaker of the House of Commons 25/08/423)

Notable Officers

Lord Kinalmeakie, 1st Viscount

Lewis Boyle, 1st Viscount Boyle of Kinalmeaky, 2nd son of Roger Boyle, Earl of Cork was killed leading his troop at Liscarroll at the age of 23.

Lord Kinalmeaky, 2nd Viscount

Richard Boyle, 2nd Viscount Boyle of Kinalmeaky succeeded his brother in September 1642 then his father as Earl of Cork in September 1643.

Officer List

  • Captain Hooper (A scotish servant and taylor to the 1st Viscount. He was intended to be replaced by Viscount Dungarvan in March 1643, but claimed to have a new commission out of England4) He may be the George Hooper who was Lt-Col to Sir Arthur Loftus’s Regiment of Foot in 1647 )
  • Captain? William Bowen (It was noted that he was unwilling to be Lieutenant to Dungarvan as he was hoping for his own company)5)


  • 1642: 100

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