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Earl of Strafford's Regiment of Foot

Active1640 to 1641
ColonelEarl of Strafford
Area RaisedLeinster
Coat Colour
Flag ColourRed & White1)
Flag Design
Field ArmiesStrafford 1640

Also known as the Lord General's Regiment of Foot

Regiment that was raised in Leinster for service under Strafford in 1640

Service History


  • Raised


  • Disbanded?


Raised for the Earl of Strafford's army in 1640, which he proposed employing in the Second Bishops' War. The regiment appears to have disbanded in 1641, as the Earl of Leicester raised a new Lord Lieutenant's regiment at the start of 1642.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

When first raised in 1640, the regiment carried red and white flags 2).

Notable Officers

Earl of Strafford

Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford impeached and executed April 1641.

Officer Lists


See Also

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