Earl of Antrim’s Regiment of Foot

Active1641 to 1642
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelEarl of Antrim
Archibald Stewart
Area RaisedAntrim
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
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Field Armies

Regiment of foot raised in Ulster soon after the rebellion that split along religious lines

Service History


  • October-December: Raised in Antrim
  • December: Put down rising in Braid River Valley (det)


  • January: Skirmish at Portnaw; two Catholic companies under MacColla defeat the remaining Protestant companies under Stewart
  • January?: Besieged at Clough Castle (det under Capt Kennedy)
  • January to May: Besieged at Coleraine
  • February: Skirmish at Laney (Ballymoney)
  • May: Coleraine relieved


Raised by the Catholic Randal MacDonald, Earl of Antrim, who at first attempted to remain neutral during the Irish rebellion. The regiment consisted of 7 companies under Archibald Stewart, Antrim’s factor. 5 companies were Protestant and 2 Catholic, led by Alasdair MacColla and Turlough Og O’Cahan.

At Portnaw in January 1642 MacColla led the two Catholic companies to surprise and defeat the Protestant companies under Stewart, before joining the Irish rebels. Stewart led the remains to Coleraine, apart from Capt Kennedy’s company who were besieged at Clough Castle. At Coleraine Stewart was besieged by MacColla and the O’Cahans until relieved in May(?) by Sir William Stewart’s Laggan Army. Archibald Stewart led a foray in February that was ambushed at Laney near Ballymoney by MacColla and defeated by Mac Colla’s ‘Highland charge’.

Coats, Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

Earl of Antrim

Archibald Stewart

Alasdair MacColla

Officer List


  • December 1641: 7 companies

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