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   *Colonel William Kingsmill   *Colonel William Kingsmill
   *Lieutenant Colonel ?   *Lieutenant Colonel ?
-  *Major Edward Stammer+  *Major Edward Stammer ​(Had been Capt-Lt to [[protestant:​foot-regiments:​lord-president-of-munster|Inchiquin'​s Regiment of Foot]] in 1646)
   *Captain Crosby   *Captain Crosby
-  *Captain Lord Baltinglass+  *Captain Lord Baltinglass ​(Thomas Roper, 2nd Viscount Baltinglass)
   *Captain Norton   *Captain Norton
-  *Captain Travers +  *Captain Travers ​([[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Robert_Travers_(MP)|Sir Robert Travers]] had been a Capt in [[protestant:​foot-regiments:​lord-president-of-munster|Inchiquin'​s Regiment of Foot]] in 1646 but had left that regiment by 1647. He may have moved with Kingsmill. However he was killed at Knocknanuss so can not be the Travers in the 1649 list below. It is possible that the company was at some point taken over by a relative. As his sons were to young, this would most likely be his brother Zachary.) 
-  *Captain Bedsworth +  *Captain Bedsworth ​(probably the Captain Francis Bettesworth formerly of [[protestant:​foot-regiments:​lord-president-of-munster|Inchiquin'​s Regiment of Foot]]) 
-  *Captain St Ledger+  *Captain St Ledger ​(probably the Captain John St Ledger formerly of [[protestant:​foot-regiments:​lord-president-of-munster|Inchiquin'​s Regiment of Foot]])
   *Captain Oldfield   *Captain Oldfield
   *Captain Pierce   *Captain Pierce