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Colonel William Kingsmill’s Regiment of Foot

Active1647 to 1649
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelWilliam Kingsmill
Area Raised
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesInchiquin 1647

Regiment of foot serving under Inchiquin from 1647 to 1649

Service History


  • July: Raised in Munster
  • Serving under Inchiquin in Munster


As late as the end of June 1647 Kingsmill appears to have still been Lt Col to Lord Inchiquin's Regiment of Foot. As a number of his officers also seem to have come from Inchiquin's, the regiment would appear to be either newly raised (unlikely given manpower shortages in Munster) or the result of Inchiquin trying to reinforce the loyalty of his army by placing trusted officers over the remains of his political opponents' regiments. This is reinforced by the fact that a number of Lisle's Captains were moved to Inchiquin's’s Regiment of Foot Probably the bulk of the rank and file came from Lord Lisle’s Regiment of Foot, and perhaps Sir Arthur Loftus’s Regiment of Foot.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

William Kingsmill

Officer Lists

August 16471)

  • Colonel William Kingsmill
  • Lieutenant Colonel ?
  • Major Edward Stammer (Had been Capt-Lt to Inchiquin's Regiment of Foot in 1646)
  • Captain Crosby
  • Captain Lord Baltinglass (Thomas Roper, 2nd Viscount Baltinglass)
  • Captain Norton
  • Captain Travers (Sir Robert Travers had been a Capt in Inchiquin's Regiment of Foot in 1646 but had left that regiment by 1647. He may have moved with Kingsmill. However he was killed at Knocknanuss so can not be the Travers in the 1649 list below. It is possible that the company was at some point taken over by a relative. As his sons were to young, this would most likely be his brother Zachary.)
  • Captain Bedsworth (probably the Captain Francis Bettesworth formerly of Inchiquin's Regiment of Foot)
  • Captain St Ledger (probably the Captain John St Ledger formerly of Inchiquin's Regiment of Foot)
  • Captain Oldfield
  • Captain Pierce


  • Colonel William Kingsmill
  • Lieutenant Colonel Harrington
  • Major Pierce
  • Captain Lord Baltinglass
  • Captain Chappell
  • Captain Norton
  • Captain Allen
  • Captain Trave[r]s
  • Captain Oldfield


  • 21 & 28/08/47: 430 men + officers at Cork (8 companies)3)
  • 30/08/47: 100 men at Dungavoon (3 companies)4)
  • 25/09/47: 430 men + officers(11 companies)5)

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