Colonel Richard Townsend's Regiment of Foot

Active1646 - 1648?
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelRichard Townsend
Area RaisedSouth west England
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies Inchiquin 1647

Foot raised in England for service in Munster

Service History


  • September: Regiment commissioned


  • March: Regiment quartered around Bath and causing disturbances in local area
  • April: Parliament orders Townsend to “cashier the native Irish and such as shall not be fit for service”1)
  • Late June/Early July: Regiment lands in Munster 2)
  • October: Regiment in winter quarters “in Cahir, Grace Castle and nearby”3)
  • November: Battle of Knocknanuss. (Townsend commanded the main body of foot)



The regiment was based around Colonel Thomas Ceeley’s Regiment of Foot in which Townsend, Phaire and Northcott had all served.

It is not clear where in its progress across Dorset and Somerset the regiment had managed to acquire “native Irish” soldiers

Coats, Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

Richard Townsend

Officer List

Officers Commissioned September 16464)

  • Colonel Richard Townsend
  • Lieutenant Colonel Robert Phaire
  • Major Francis Foulk
  • Captain Thomas Reaslake
  • Captain Richard Hart
  • Captain Samuel Jerveys
  • Captain Thomas Northcott
  • Captain Sampson Daniell
  • Captain Walter Clifford


  • Colonel's company
  • Lieutenant Colonel's company
  • Major's Company
  • Captain Francis Foulk (It is unclear why Foulk who had originaly been commissioned major was now only a captain)
  • Captain Hart
  • Captain Jervis
  • Captain Daniell
  • Captain Kersluck (Reaslake?)
  • Captain Clifford
  • Captain Spence


  • 21/08/47: 762 men plus officers6)

See Also

A family history of Richard Townsend “AN OFFICER OF THE LONG PARLIAMENT AND HIS DESCENDANTS Being some Account of the Life & Times of Colonel Richard Townesend of Castletown [Castletownshend) & a Chronicle of his Family” (1842) ed. Richard & Dorothea Townesend is availible online at

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2) HMC Egmont Mss vol 1 p 422
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4) CSPI 1633-47 p512
5) , 6) Pay warrant N.A. SP28/47/186