Col. Charles Blount's Regiment of Foot

Active1646 to 1649
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelCharles Blount
Area RaisedGloucestershire
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesInchiquin 1647

English raised foot serving in Munster in 1647-9

Service History


  • October: Blount commissioned to raise 1000 men in Gloucestershire for service in Ireland. Crispe and Elsyng commissioned Lt-Col and Major.1)


  • May: Regiment still in England
  • August: Regiment in service under Inchiquin
  • November: Battle of Knocknanuss. (Blount commanded the right wing of foot. Crispe led the forlorne hope)


  • April: Inchiquin declares for the King


  • Part of the Royalist forces in Ireland


Coats, Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

Following Inchiquin's change of side, both Crispe and Elsyng were expelled from Munster and returned to London.2) Blount appears to have remained a Colonel for the Royalists.3) The fate of the regiment is unknown.

Charles Blount

Blount had served since 1642 in the Earl of Stamford’s Regiment of Foot (later Edward Massey's) spending most of the war in garrison at Gloucester. In August 1645 he become the regiment's colonel. Peter Crispe served alongside him throughout the war ending up as major to the regiment.

Officer List

August 1647

From 4)

  • Colonel Charles Blount
  • Lieutenant Colonel Peter Crispe
  • Major Christopher Elsyng
  • Captain [Robert5)] Mallery
  • Captain Brotherton
  • Captain Kidder
  • Captain Nelson
  • Captain Davies
  • Captain Petty


From 6)

  • Colonel Charles Blount
  • Lieutenant Colonel Piggot
  • Major Kedder [Kidder]
  • Captain Rawlins
  • Captain Peety [Petty]
  • Captain Crosbye
  • Captain Ellis
  • Captain Loftus
  • Captain Jackson


  • 21st August 1647: 437 men plus officers7)
  • 1649: 194 men + officers8)

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