Colonel Henry O'Brian’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelHenry O'Brian
Francis Courtney
Area RaisedMunster
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesInchiquin 1644-49

Later Colonel Francis Courtney's Regiment of Foot

Munster regiment of foot of Inchiquin’s forces

Service History


  • August: O'Brian returns from England


  • July: O'Brian and Courtney captured at Rostellan Castle


  • January: Serving in Munster


  • March: Courtney promoted to Colonel by this time
  • September: Storm of the Rock of Cashel?
  • November: Battle of Knocknanuss?


  • February: Take Carrick on Suir?
  • April: Inchiquin changes sides back to the Royalists


  • May: Taking of Leix Castle?
  • July: Taking of Drogheda?
  • July: Siege of Dundalk?
  • July: Storm of Crossmaglen?
  • November: Battle of Glascarrick?


It is not known if this was a newly raised regiment in 1644 or was based on the men of Lord Inchiquin's Regiment of Foot O'Brian brought back from England

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Col. Henry O'Brian

Brother of Lord Inchiquin, he was Lieutenant Colonel of Lord Inchiquin's Regiment of Foot and led it in Royalist service in South West England. He returned to Ireland in August 1644 following his brother's change of allegiance to the Parliamentarians. In July 1645 he was captured by the Confederates at Rastillon castle along with Lt Col Courtney and four captains, when they surprised his group who were overseeing the garrison's destruction. He presumably remained a prisoner for some time.

Col. Francis Courtney

Took over the regiment from O' Brian by 1647.

Officer Lists

From Pay Lists of July and August 16461)

  • Lieutenant Colonel [Francis] Courtney
  • Major Anthony Hovedon
  • Captain Whetcroft
  • Captain William Harding
  • Captain Baker
  • Captain [Alexander] Pigott
  • Captain Causabone
  • Captain Arthur Hassett

August 16472)

  • Colonel [Francis] Courtney
  • Lieutenant Colonel [Anthony] Hovendon
  • Major William Harding
  • Captain Alexander Pigott
  • Captain Baker
  • Captain ?
  • Captain ?
  • Captain ?
  • Captain ?
  • Captain ?


  • Colonel [Francis] Courtney
  • Lieutenant Colonel [Anthony] Hovedon
  • Major [William] Harding
  • Captain Andrew Hickman
  • Captain Causabone
  • Captain [Arthur] Hassett
  • Captain Gibbings


  • July 1646: 308 men + officers
  • August 1646: 323 men + officers
  • August 1647 345 men + officers in 10 companies
  • 1649: 210 men + officers

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