Major General Richard Browne’s Regiment of Horse

Active1644 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelRichard Browne
Area RaisedLondon
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesBrowne 1644-46

Parliamentarian horse based at Abingdon during the First Civil War

Service History





Much of the information on this page is drawn from a document headed “An Account of all the horse that marched forth wth Majr Generall Browne from the 8th of June 1644, till the 8th of August 1646 and what hath beene received by recruite” This is followed by a list of the initial muster (undated) for 6 independent troops, 7 troops of “the Maj Gen regt, 3 troops of Col Marten's regt and a troop of Dragoons. This is followed on the facing page by “An Account of what horse marched to their owne Countries and when they left the service and what horse were remaining the 8th of August 1646” with the relevant details for each of the troops on the first page.1)

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Richard Browne

Officer List

  • Major General Browne (Under Capt-Lt James in August 1646)
  • Colonel Heriot Washborne (London Militia. Washbourne had been Col of the Westminster Auxiliary Regt)
  • Captain Gabriel Pile
  • Major William Underwood (London Militia. He served as Major in the Blue Regiment London Trained Bands)
  • Captain Silas Titus (Despite being included in the apparent 1644 list of the regiment Titus was not ordered to join Browne until 09/452))
  • The Middlesex Troop (Under Capt Viner in August 1646)
  • The Sussex Troop

One other officer also claimed to have served in the Regiment

Independent Troops

The 6 independent troops given as serving with Browne are given here for want of anywhere better to record them

  • Captain Greenfield/Richard Grenvile (Formerly Goodwin's Regt. Left service 21/10/44)
  • Captain (Thomas) Tyrill (Formerly Goodwin's Regt. Left service 21/10/44)
  • Captain Askey/Ayscough (Left service 21/10/44)
  • Captain Hatcher (Left service 01/12/44)
  • Captain (John) Sparrow (Actually Colonel John Sparrow who led an Essex regiment of Foot and a troop of Horse to Abingdon. The Foot were later reduced into Browne's Foot. Left service 01/12/44)
  • Captain Bottesford (Left service 22/05/44(sic))5)


  • 16446): 349/3557) with 86 being received as a recruit.
  • August 1646: 315

See Also

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2) CSPD 1645-7 p143-4
3) N.A. SP28/525
4) CSPD 1645-7 p28
5) Presumably 1645 is meant
6) Note that the mustered strengths almost certainly do not all come from the same date
7) There is an error between the number of troopers and number of recruits in Browne's troop and the combined figure given