Colonel Simon Rugeley’s Regiment of Horse

Active1643 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSimon Rugeley
Area Raised
Flag Colour
Flag DesignSee below
Field ArmiesDenbigh 1644

Parliamentarian regiment serving in the Midlands during the First Civil War

Service History


  • March: Battle of Hopton Heath?? (1 troop)
  • July: Taking of Tong Castle? (1 troop)
  • July: Attack on Chillington House
  • August: Siege of Eccleshall Castle (1 troop)


  • May: Siege of Rushall Hall
  • June: Siege of Dudley Castle
  • June: Battle of Tipton Green


Rugeley together with his officers had been retained by Parliament at the end of July 1642 and was given a troop in September, with which he fought at Edgehill. Over the winter the troop was regimented under Colonel John Urry’s Regiment of Horse and after that Colonel's defection to the Royalists, Colonel John Meldrum. On the 1st of February 1643 Rugeley was promoted to Colonel of foot for service in Staffordshire and it is possible that he returned to Stafford at this time to begin recruiting. 1) his Lt. Lewis Chadwick. 2) who was made Lt-Col to Rugeley's Foot certainly did, taking a leading role in the capture of Stafford on 15/05/43. Whatever the case by 24/05/43 Rugeley was in London and preparing to lead a convoy of reinforcements to Staffordshire. Around the 10th June 3) Rugeley left London at the head of 4 companies of foot, a troop of horse under Capt William Robinson, a demi-cannon, a demi-culverin, several wagons of ammunition and a gaggle of unattached officers, Command of his original troop, which remained in Essex's army, passed to its original cornet and now Lt. Edward Finnes.

A “regiment” of horse of some description appears to have been in existence before Rugeley was officially commissioned as Colonel of Horse on 27/05/44.

As a leading supporter of the Earl of Denbigh he lost much of his authority following Brereton's coup in December 1644 although he seemingly continued both as Colonel and Sheriff of Staffordshire.


According to Blount: Col. Ridgeley to shew his dislike of Papacy, figured a Hand and Sword from heaven, penetrating a triple Crown, and the motto, EXCURGAT DEUS DISSIPENTUR INIMICI4).

Capt John Rugeley might be the captain referred to by Blount Capt. Ridgeley figured a Ship at Sea, whereon was inscribed Religio, Respublica; and above it, PRECIBUS, VIRIBUS.5).

Notable Officers

Colonel Simon Rugeley

Also given as Rudgley and Ridgley. Of Hawkesyard in Staffordshire

Officer List

  • Colonel Simon Rugeley
    • Capt-Lt Thomas Rugeley
  • Major William Robinson (commissioned 04/02/43, troop raised in London. Returned to London in October 1644. Despite a number of references to him as Major. The Orderbook of the Staffs Committee only ever refers to him as Captain)
  • Capt Richard Blackwell
  • Capt Thomas Pudsey
  • Capt John Rugeley (07/09/44 - 20/03/45)
  • Capt Godfrey Thacker (22/08/44 - 02/10/45 previosly Capt under Lord Brooke and Sir John Gell)
  • Capt John Young


See Also

1) Between 26/12/42 and 24/05/43 payments to the troop were signed for by various junior officers
2) Chadwick ceased to be Lt. to the troop at some point between 06/01/43 and 03/03/43
3) the journey is reported to have taken 23 dayes and the ammunition the convoy carried was received into the Stafford magazine on 03/07/43
4) , 5) The Art of making Devises 2nd Ed, Thomas Blount, London, 1655