Colonel Peter Stepkins Troop of Horse

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelPeter Stepkins
Area RaisedStaffordshire
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Parliamentarian Troop of horse serving in Staffordshire

Service History


  • January 1st: Stepkins commissioned as captain1)


  • January 12th: Troop disbanded


Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Peter Stepkins

Of Seighford, Staffordshire. He was an early leader of the Parliamentarian party in Staffordshire. Governor of Leek in 1643. In 1646 he appears to have been in overall command of the Staffordshire forces at the siege of Lichfield. Despite his early prominence he appears never to have sat on the county committee.

Contemporary References

August 1648

Col. Stepkins slain, in attempting to surprize Stafford Garison, by Capt. Stone Governour.2)

From Stafford Aug. 14. It is thus written: Colonel Stepkins, who formerly betrayed this Garison to the Parliament, hath long waited an Opportunity, to reingratiate himself in His Majesty's Favour, by surprizing the same for His Majesty's Service. The Design was laid very cunningly, but prevented by the Vigilancy of Captain Stone, (the present Governour, and a faithful Gentleman) and Stepkins slain


A single troop

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1) N.A. SP28/43/259