Colonel James Mauleverer’s Regiment of Horse

Flag Illustration1)
Active1644 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelJames Mauleverer
Area RaisedYorkshire?
Flag ColourWhite
Flag DesignSee below
Field ArmiesFairfax 1644

Parliamentarian regiment of horse serving in the North

Service History


  • January: Battle of Nantwich? (see below)
  • June: Battle of Marston Moor?
  • September: Skirmish at Ripon?


Perhaps confused with Sir Thomas Mauleverer’s Regiment

Flags and Equipment

According to Blount: Col. Mallevory represented a Hand holding a Sword and a Crown Imperiall on the top of it, and another Sword (held by 2 hands) thrust through 2 Books, the first inscribed Verbum Dei, the other Lex populi. And this motto over all, REX IN POTESTATE SUI PUGNANS2) (Illustration 1).

Notable Officers

Colonel James Mauleverer

Mentioned by ODNB on Mauleverers


Contemporary Documents

” 28/08/44 Whereas by virtue of a warrant under the hand of Collonel James Melleverie he belonging to Sir Thomas Fairfax two horses with saddles and bridles were served in to him forth of the parish of Cheadle to be imployed in the states service….” The Committee at Stafford 1643 - 1645 Staffordshire Record Society 4th series vol. 1 (1957) p.173

[It is possible that these horses were taken during Fairfax's march back to Yorkshire following the battle of Namptwich]

See Also

1) Original artwork by Tony Barton, shown by kind permission of Tony Barton and Charles Kightly. Previously published in Military Modelling magazine
2) The Art of making Devises 2nd Ed, Thomas Blount, London, 1655