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 ====Officer List==== ====Officer List====
   *Colonel Francis Wren (10/05/44 - 24/​01/​46)((N.A. SP28/​266/​pt2/​19-10))   *Colonel Francis Wren (10/05/44 - 24/​01/​46)((N.A. SP28/​266/​pt2/​19-10))
-  *Major John Saunderson(both Shaw and Smith mentioned being paid by him in their accounts)+  *Major John Saunderson (later in [[parliamentarian:​horse-regiments:​col.-robert-lilburne|Colonel Robert Lilburne’s Regiment of Horse]])((N.A. E 121/5/7))
   *Captain Adam Shephardson (23/05/44 - 24/​01/​46)((N.A. SP28/​266/​pt3/​21-22))   *Captain Adam Shephardson (23/05/44 - 24/​01/​46)((N.A. SP28/​266/​pt3/​21-22))
   *Captain John Frampton (21/07/44 - 24/​01/​46)((N.A. SP28/252))   *Captain John Frampton (21/07/44 - 24/​01/​46)((N.A. SP28/252))