Colonel Thomas Grantham’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelThomas Grantham
Area Raised
Coat ColourTawney lined White
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesEssex 1642

Parliamentarian regiment of foot of the Earl of Essex’s army in 1642

Service History


  • October: Arrive with Essex the day after the Battle of Edgehill
  • November: Battle of Aylesbury


  • March: Disbanded by now


Not engaged in the main battle at Edgehill, they arrived on the 24th.

The end of Grantham's regiment is somewhat mysterious. No more is heard of them after Aylesbury and they were not in Essex's army in March 1643. Possibly the regiment broke up after Aylesbury or wasted away over the winter and was disbanded or reduced. Major Holman took up a commission as Lieutenant Colonel of Lord Fairfax's regiment in Yorkshire on 16th November 1642.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

The regiment were issued tawny coats lined white in September 1642 1).

Notable Officers

Thomas Grantham

Officer List

  • Colonel Thomas Grantham2)
    • Capt Lt Francis Gray
    • Ens Nethermill Garrard
  • Lt Col Francis Clarke
    • Lt Edward Tetlow
    • Ens Thomas Browne
  • Major John Holman (joined Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax’s Regiment of Foot in Nov 42)
    • Lt Isaac Challys
    • Ens Thomas Coo
  • Capt Henry Ashley
    • Lt Thomas Lee
    • Ens George Langford
  • Capt Sir Thomas Pigot
    • Lt Stephen Deane
    • Capt John Middleton
  • Capt Richard Gibbs
    • Lt Edward Apsley
    • Capt Henry Gurney
  • Capt Thomas Rogers
    • Lt John Blanden
    • Ens Sheldon Napper
  • Capt Francis Grantham
    • Lt Miles Hitchcock
    • Ens Jacob Throckmorton
  • Capt George Slatford
    • Lt George Walter
    • Ens Benjamin Betsworth
  • Capt Henry Blundell
    • Lt Thomas Sparrow
    • Ens Thomas Blundell
  • Provost Marshall: Robert Gibbons
  • Carriage Master: John Hopkinson
  • Quartermaster: Henry Throckmorton


  • October 1642: 740 rank and file3)

See Also

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2) A List of the Army Under the Command of Robert Earle of Essex British Library E 117 (30)