Sir William Waller’s Regiment of Foot

Flag Illustration1)
Active1643 to 1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir William Waller
Area RaisedLondon
Coat ColourYellow?
Flag ColourBlue
Flag DesignUnknown
Field ArmiesWaller 1643-4
Holborne 1645

Later Sir William Waller’s Regiment of Dragoons

Parliamentarian regiment of foot of the army of the Southern Association serving with Waller, then mounted as dragoons

Service History


  • August: Raised
  • November: Siege of Basing House
  • November: Siege of Basing House
  • November: Standoff at Farnham
  • December: Storm of Alton Church
  • December to January 1644: Siege of Arundel


  • March: Battle of Cheriton
  • June: Battle of Cropredy Bridge
  • July: Converted to Dragoons
  • July: Repulsed from Boarstall House
  • August: Defence of Abingdon?
  • August: Siege of Wareham
  • October: Second Battle of Newbury?
  • December: Relief of Taunton


  • April: Repulsed from Faringdon House
  • April: Disbanded at Windsor


Raised in August 1643 at London and included some remnants of foot from Waller’s old army of the Western Association. In July 1644 the regiment was converted to dragoons. Waller had previously raised a regiment of dragoons, but this was soon passed on to Holborne.

Flags and Coats

The regiment carried blue flags of an unknown design (Laurence Spring). Their coat colour is not definitely known but a reference to yellowcoats of Waller's army could refer to either Waller's or Potley's regiments.

Notable Officers

A list of officers is shown in Laurence Spring's Waller's Army, The Regiments of Sir William Waller's Southern Association The Pike and Shot Association 2007 ISBN 978-1-902768-34-2

Sir William Waller


  • November 1643: 300 men
  • November 1643: 500 men
  • March 1644: 8 companies at Cheriton

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1) Flag images by kind permission of Wargames Designs