Colonel Simon Rugeley’s Regiment of Foot

Active1643 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSimon Rugeley
Area Raised
Coat ColourGrey
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies

Parliamentarian regiment of foot from Staffordshire, serving in Cheshire under Brereton and the Midlands in Denbigh’s force

Service History


  • May: Quartered at Newcastle and Leeke
  • May 15th: Capture of Stafford.
  • July: Taking of Tong Castle?
  • July: Attack on Chillington House
  • August: Siege of Eccleshall Castle


  • May: Siege of Rushall Hall
  • June: Siege of Dudley Castle
  • June: Battle of Tipton Green
  • September: Battle of Montgomery




Coats and Flags

Rugeley's Regiment wore grey coats 1). May 1644 the Staffordshire Committee ordered “that the grey cloth in the treasurer's custody shall be delivered to such as Colonel Rugley shall appoint to make coats forthwith for his regiment. And the treasurer to keep a note of the number of yards delivered”2)

Notable Officers

Colonel Simon Rugeley

Also given as Rugley, Rudgley, Ridgley or Ridgeway. Of Hawkesyard in Staffordshire

Officer List

  • Colonel Simon Rugeley (01/02/43 - 01/10/46)
    • Capt-Lt Christopher Higginson or Huginson(“Served for 5 or 6 months in 1643” Still in post 05/01/44)
    • Capt-Lt Peter Gerrard (served from 02/03/43 - 06/09/46 as successively Sargeant, Ensign & Capt-Lt)
  • Lt-Col Lewis Chadwick (02/02/43 - 20/03/44 then became Colonel of his own regiment)
  • Major Robert Stewart (23/05/43 - 01/04/44)
  • Major Henry Pinkney
  • Capt Robert Smith (27/01/43 - 29/04/44)
  • Capt Thomas Marston
  • Capt [] Smart
  • Capt [] Mason

Contemporary References

Stafford taken

Vppon Mondaye the 15 May 1643 Colonell Brereton wth his Trowpers of horse & Dragooners did prvatlie gather together about Audley in Staffordshire, & Joyninge wth Colonell Ridgeway, (whose Companyes then laye att Newcastle & Leeke) on Tuesday morninge by three a Clocke almost peaceablie entred Stafford Towne, throwe [through] the pollicey & manhood [i.e. manfulness] of Maior Broomehall & a fewe others (The people in the Towne beinge quyett in theire Bedds), and possessed theim selves thereof, wthout losse of any man; They tooke above ffoure hundred Prysoners, & many gent. of worthe, viz: Captyn Sneyde, Captyn Bydolph, Captyn Leighe of Adlington, Captyn Bagott, Captyn Collyer, Captyn Hunt, Captyn Tresswall, & many other Comanders & gents. & Colonell Lane was Slayne, beinge on the Kinges ptie. Beside many Townesmen wch weire alsoe taken prisoners.


About 300 at Battle of Montgomery (according to Worton J. “The Battle of Montgomery, 1644”: Helion, 2016

See Also

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