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 ====Philip Skippon==== ====Philip Skippon====
 [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​philip-skippon|Philip Skippon]] [[http://​bcw-project.org/​biography/​philip-skippon|Philip Skippon]]
 +====William Erbery====
 +[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​William_Erbery|William Erbery]] was chaplain to Skippon'​s regiment and a radical theologian. ​
 ====Officer Lists==== ====Officer Lists====
 ===1642=== ===1642===
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   *Captain Roger Clay   *Captain Roger Clay
   *Captain Samuel Turner   *Captain Samuel Turner
-  *Captain Peter Gale+  *Captain Peter Gale (one of Gale's soldiers served from 20/11/42 - 24/​05/​43)((N.A. SP28/​30/​649))
   *Captain George More   *Captain George More
   *Captain Ralph Tasker   *Captain Ralph Tasker