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Lord Grey of Groby's Regiment of Foot

Active1644 to 1646
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelLord Grey of Groby
Henry Grey
Area RaisedLeicester
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesMeldrum 1644

Also led by Colonel Henry Grey

Parliamentarian regiment of foot based at Leicester and drawn out to fight at Newark

Service History


  • February to March: Siege of Newark
  • March: Battle of Cotes Bridge?
  • March: Battle of Newark


  • May: Besieged at Leicester?



The regiment was led in the field by Lt Colonel Henry Grey, kinsman of Lord Grey of Groby. The regiment's chaplain was receiving pay in 1646.

Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Lord Grey of Groby

Colonel Henry Grey

(Lieutenant Colonel 09/02/44 - 22/09/44;1) Colonel 04/04/45 - 25/08/46.2) His service as Colonel is stated as having been in Lincolnshire. This suggests that we may be maybe dealing with two different regiments.In fact it appears Grey took over Colonel Thomas Rainsborough’s Regiment of Foot and that Spring is mistaken in giving this to Col James Grey)


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