Lord Brooke’s (Midland Association) Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelsLord Brooke
Area RaisedWarwickshire
Coat ColourUnknown
Flag ColourUnknown
Flag DesignUnknown
Field ArmiesBrooke 1643

Parliamentarian foot regiment serving in the Midlands

Service History


  • February: Skirmish at Stratford?
  • March: Siege of Lichfield
  • March: Battle of Hopton Heath
  • April: Besieged at Lichfield?
  • April: March out to Coventry after surrender of Lichfield?


Brooke recruited foot in Warwickshire in the summer of 1642, and also raised a purple-coated regiment of foot for Essex’s army in London, Lord Brooke’s (Edgehill) Regiment of Foot. After this was disbanded in December 1642 and following his appointment as commander-in-chief for the associated counties of Warwick, Stafford, Leicester, and Derby on 7th January 1643, he began raising new regiments of Foot, Horse and Dragoons.

The officers seem to have been largely recruited in London, but it is not clear if many men were raised there or if they were intended to be raised in the new association. Following Brooke's death at his siege of Lichfield in March 1643, the regiment quickly broke up with nearly all the captains moving on to serve elsewhere.

Possibly a remnant of the regiment remained in Lichfield during Prince Rupert's siege of April. The garrison was commanded by a 'Colonel' Russell, who could be Lt Col Russell of Brooke's Regiment.

Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Lord Brooke

Officer List

  • Colonel Robert Greville, the Lord Brooke
    • Capt-Lt Bury?
  • Lieutenant Colonel Robert Russell? (certified pay claim of Captain Lee, however a Major Russell is also mentioned and the Lieutenant Colonelcy may be later)
  • Capt John Hanson (27/01/43-23/05/43 then captain horse in Lancashire)
  • Capt Robt Johnson (27/01/43-02/05/43 then captain to Col John Ffines)1)
  • Capt Gabrial Holmes (12/02/43-05/05/43 then Major to Col John Ffines)
  • Capt Tho Egerton (27/01/43-19/04/43 then Captain to Col Alex Popham)
  • Capt Tho Smith (Lieutenant Joshua Hayward 18/01/43-15/03/43 then both as Captains under Sir Arthur Hesilrige)
  • Capt Richard Lee (27/01/43-17/03/43)
  • Capt John Thornhill (27/01/43-06/04/43 then Captain under Col John Kerr)
  • Capt John Okey (14/02/43-07/05/43 previously under Colonel John Browne then captain to Sir Arthur Hesilrige)
  • Capt Henry Cannon (27/01/43-01/04/43 then captain to Sir Arthur Hesilrige)
  • Capt Castleton
  • Capt Henry Slade (commissioned 27/01/43)2)


Given the number of captains claiming to have served under Brooke, this may have been intended as a double regiment. Alternatively some of the officers may have been intended to serve in other regiments under Brooke's command.

See Also

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2) N.A. SP28/182/12