Colonel John Hampden’s Regiment of Foot

Active13th July 1642-1645
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelJohn Hampden
Thomas Tyrell
Richard Ingoldsby
Area RaisedBuckinghamshire
Coat ColourGreen lined yellow
Red or Grey
Flag ColourRed or Green
Flag DesignUnknown
Field ArmiesEssex 1642-5

Later Colonel Thomas Tyrell’s, then Colonel Richard Ingoldsby's Regiment of Foot

Parliamentarian regiment of foot raised by John Hampden that served with the Earl of Essex’s army

Service History


  • 13th July: Raised
  • 23rd August: Battle of Southam
  • 23rd October: Battle of Edgehill (in reserve, not main battle)
  • November: Battle of Aylesbury
  • 12th November: Battle of Brentford
  • 13th November: Standoff at Turnham Green


  • April: Siege of Reading
  • 18th June: Battle of Chalgrove Field, Hampden mortally wounded
  • July: Command passes to Thomas Tyrell
  • 20th September: First Battle of Newbury


  • January: Standoff at Aylesbury
  • August: Battle of Lostwithiel
  • October: Second Battle of Newbury
  • October: Command passes to Richard Ingoldsby



Coats, Flags and Equipment

Under Hampden the regiment wore green coats with yellow linings, receiving them as early as August 23rd, 1642 1). Note. Although the warrent for the issue of uniform is indeed dated 23/08/42 This is not the date the clothing was issued to the regiment. Two days after the warrant Hampden's agent in London received 1000 each of shirts, pairs of shoes and snapsacks, the coats were not received at this date and followed in at least three seperate batches. 460, possibly in two issues of 400 and 60, were received at an unknown date, 400 were received on 06/09/42 and the final 140 3 days later. The last 2 batches at least were delivered to William Smith a London carrier to be transported to the regiment. From this it would appear that the regiment would not have received it uniform until mid-September at the eariest.2) They seem to have kept this coat colour in the 1643 reissue. A pay warrent of 7th Dec 1643 refers to “Colonell Thomas Terill Colonell of ye green Regimt late of Colonell Hampden” 3), although this might refer to the colour of their flags.

Although many publications suggest that they carried a green flag with a motto VESTIGIA NULLA RETRORSUM this appears to instead have been a cornet from Hampden's troop of horse and Hampden's foot colours remain unknown, unless the reference to 'ye green Regimt' refer to flag colour which appears possible. However a damaged bill addressed to John Hampden, includes the item “It for ten collers of r[ torn ]”(SP28/328/507). In November 1644, with the re-equipping of Essex's foot, they were issued either green colours (with differences of yellow billets, yellow half moons or white diamonds), or crimson colours (with differences of yellow mullets or white balls) 4).

Notable Officers

Colonel John Hampden

Colonel Thomas Tyrell

Thomas Tyrell also commanded a regiment in Aylesbury garrison Col. Thomas Tyrell's Regiment of Foot

Colonel Richard Ingoldsby

Officers Lists

Officers 1642

  • Colonel John Hampden
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Wagstaffe (later defected to the Royalits, raising Sir Joseph Waggestaffe’s Regiment of Foot)
  • Sergeant-Major William Barriffe (Later Lieutenant-Colonel)
  • Captain Richard Ingoldsby
  • Captain Ralph Nicholl
  • Captain Hercules Arnett
  • Captain Robert Styles (Called John in the published list of Essex's Army but Robert in pay & account documents)
  • Captain Robert Farington
  • Captain John Raymond
  • Captain John Bromhall (Left regiment Nov 1642 to become Capt of Dragoons under Sir William Brereton)

Officers 1643

  • Lieutenant-Colonel William Barriffe
  • Major Richard Ingoldsby (Later Lieutenant-Colonel)
  • Captain John Raymond (later Major)
  • Captain Robert Farington
  • Captain Hercules Arnett
  • Captain John Blyth
  • Captain Henry Ingoldsby
  • Captain John Gibson
  • Captain Charles Durkett
  • Captain William Clarke
  • Captain John Horsey

Officers 1644

  • Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Ingoldsby (later Colonel)
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Brown (From October, formerly Lt-Col of foot Col. Thomas Ballard's Regiment of Foot)
  • Major John Raymond
  • Major John Mosely (from May, formerly Lt-Col to Col. Thomas Tyrell's other regiment)
  • Captain Robert Farington(Major from October)
  • Captain Hercules Arnett
  • Captain John Blyth
  • Captain Henry Ingoldsby
  • Captain John Gibson
  • Captain Charles Durkett
  • Captain Francis Bradnote
  • Captain Gabrial Cooke
  • Captain [ ] Biscoe

Officers 1645

  • Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Browne
  • Major Robert Farington
  • Captain John Blyth
  • Captain Henry Ingoldsby
  • Captain John Gibson
  • Captain Gabrial Cooke
  • Captain Andrew Ward
  • Captain [ ] Bampfield
  • Captain Lieutenant Lucas Frederick Lenthall


  • Proposed to be raised: 1200
  • October 1642: 963 rank and file
  • Spring 1643: 748 rank and file
  • Summer 1643: 450 rank and file
  • December 1643: 127 rank and file
  • April 1644: 297 rank and file
  • June 1644: 524 rank and file
  • December 1644: 226 rank and file

See Also

Hampden's Regiment are re-enacted by Colonell John Hampden's Regiment of Foot of the English Civil War Society and by Colonel John Hampden's First Captain's Company of the English Civil War Society of America.

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