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 |**Colonel**|Henry Brooke| |**Colonel**|Henry Brooke|
 |**Area Raised**|Cheshire| |**Area Raised**|Cheshire|
-|**Coat Colour**|Purple/​White+|**Coat Colour**| | 
-|**Flag Colour**|Purple|  +|**Flag Colour**| |  
-|**Flag Design**|1/8th English cross on purple field| +|**Flag Design**| |
 |**Field Armies**|Brereton 1643-45| |**Field Armies**|Brereton 1643-45|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 ====1643==== ====1643====
   *February: Defence of Norton Priory   *February: Defence of Norton Priory
   *May: Siege of Warrington?   *May: Siege of Warrington?
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 =====Notes==== =====Notes====
 +A history of the unit and lists of its officers are shown in Andrew Abram’s //More Like Lions Than Men: Sir William Brereton and the Cheshire Army of Parliament 1642-46// Helion & Co. Ltd., Warwick, 2020. ISBN 978-1-913118-82-2
 Raised from Bucklow hundred Raised from Bucklow hundred
 =====Coats, Flags and Equipment===== =====Coats, Flags and Equipment=====
-  *Coats: Purple with white facings +
-  *Flags: Purple with 1/8th English cross+
   ​   ​
 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ====Henry Brooke==== ====Henry Brooke====
 +[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Sir_Henry_Brooke,​_1st_Baronet|Henry Brooke]]
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
-  *1645: 570 men in six companies+1645: 570 men in six companies((British Library Additional Manuscript 11331,​45)) 
 +  *Coll: Brookes his Regt of ffoote, His own company under Major Church of Bucklow Huundred 140 
 +  *Lt Coll Rich. Brooke 60 
 +  *Capt. John Brooke 70 
 +  *Capt. Wm Daniell 60 
 +  *Capt. Delves and Capt. Blomell of ye towne of Nantwich 160 
 +  *Lt Tuchets country company 80 
 +  *//Total 570//
 =====See Also======  =====See Also======
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====