Colonel George Langham’s Regiment of Foot

Active1642 to 1644
ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelGeorge Langham
Lt ColSamuel Carleton
Area RaisedEssex?
Coat ColourBlue, white lining
Red or Grey
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesEssex 1643

Later Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Carleton's Regiment of Foot

Parliamentarian Regiment of Foot raised for the Earl of Warwick’s reserve army and serving with Essex in 1643

Service History


  • November: Raised
  • November: Standoff at Turnham Green
  • December: Capture of Marlow?


  • April: Siege of Reading
  • 8th September: Relief of Gloucester
  • 20th September: First Battle of Newbury



Raised by the London Militia Committee with nearly all the company commanders being drawn from the London Trained Bands.

Coats and Flags

Originally issued blue coats lined with white in November 1642, they were re-clothed in August 1643, probably in red or grey 1).

Notable Officers

George Langham

Langham was a London Merchant, member of the Honourable Artillery Company and Lt-Col. of the White Regiment of the City Trained Bands before the war. In 1643 he was elected master of the Merchant Tailor Company and the Parliament had to write to the Company to excuse his absence and ensure he did not suffer for it. He had left the Reg. by mid August 1643 and is described as deceased by November.

Samuel Carleton

Carleton led the regiment after Langham's death but seems never to have been commissioned Colonel, remaining as Lieutenant Colonel of “the regiment late Col. Langham's”.

Officer List

Original Regiment

  • Col. George Langham
  • Lt Col. Samuel Carleton (London Merchant HAC member and Cap. in the Blue reg of Trained Band)
  • Maj. Timothy Cruso (left reg. 12th April 1643 had been Langham's Lt. in the Trained Band)
  • Cap. Thomas Clarke (Major from 12th April 1643 had been a Lt. in the Red reg of Trained Band)
  • Cap Nathanial Cock (Left reg 12th March 1643 had been Lt in the White reg of Trained Band)
  • Cap Thomas Jackson (former Lt in the Green reg. of Trained Bands, later Lt-Col to Earl of Manchester)
  • Cap Robert Thompson (former Ens. in the White reg. of Trained Bands)
  • Cap. James White (died in service 23rd July 1643)

Later Officers

  • Cap. John Callingwood (from the 12th April 1643)
  • Cap. William Harrison (from 16th October 1643)
  • Cap. Edward Huson (from 16th October 1643)
  • Cap. Henry Langham (from July 1643. son of Col.)
  • Cap. Thomas Wheatley

Clarke, Callingwood, Harrison, Huson, Langham and Wheatley went on to serve in Col Martyn's reg. in the garrison of Aylesbury.


  • Proposed to be raised: 1200
  • 22nd November 1642: 688 rank and file (7 coys) Capt White's coy of 112 men appears to have missed this muster. joining the reg the following day.
  • 10th January 1643: 908 rank and file
  • 5th May 1643: 634 rank and file
  • 21st June 1643: 548 rank and file
  • 20th July 1643: 431 rank and file
  • September 1643: 271 rank and file
  • October 1643: 268 rank and file
  • November 1643: 234 rank and file
  • December 1643: 80 rank and file
  • January 1644: 96 rank and file
  • February 1644:151 rank and file
  • April 1644: 148 rank and file

Contemporary References

Capture of Marlow

Another famouse VICTORIE Obtained by His EXCELLENCIE The Earle of ESSEX. Against the Kings Army, neer Reading, Oxford, Marlow and Henly, Decem 3 Wherein is declared the manner how these three Regiments gave the Kings Army the overthrow, killing about 1100 of them, and taking great store of Ammnition, money, and prisoners with the losse of 300 men. Namely, the Orange Coats, commanded by his Excellencie: The Green Coats, commanded by Colonell Goodwyn: The Blue-coats, commanded by Colonell Langham marchant in London. Also, His Majesties proceedings at Oxford, and the great preparations that are made there to entertain the Queen of Bohemia. Decemb. 6. Printed for Joseph Neale

Another Glorious VICTORIE Obtained By his Excellencie, and Col. Langham against the Cavaleirs, at their second surrounding of the Kings Army. neer Reading, Marlow, and Henley, Decemb. 2.

Upon the first day of Decemb. his Excellencie had intelligence that the Cavaleirs were resolved to leave Oxford, Reading, Marlow, and Henley, and to betake themselves further downe into the West Countries, thereby thinking to strengthen their wicked and Tyranicall Crew, and to furnish themselves with such Arms and Ammunition which they stood in extraordinary need of: Whereupon his Excellency taking the same into serious consideration, and finding that it would prove very prejudiciall unto them, if that they did neglect and let this opportunity slip, he forthwith called a Councell of Warre, where his Excellency very nobly declared himself unto most of the Officers and Commanders, and after some time spent in consultation thereupon, it was concluded that severall Regiments of Horse and Foote should be forthwith drawn out of the Mayne Body to wheele about towards Reading and Marlow, and so by that means to get beyond the Kings Army, which was accordingly put in execution and performed. And upon the second of this month his Excellencie caused and gave command that severall Pieces of Ordnance should be with all expedition Planted against Marlow and Henley, where the Cavaleers had strongly intrenched themselves. The Ordnance plaid for the space of two hours very furiously, doing great execution upon the Enemy, and after they had done playing, His Excellencies own Regiment advanced up towards the aforesaid Townes, together with the Lord Say his Regiment and Colonell Langham, accompanied with fourteene Troops of Horse, who performed that which they took in hand so undantedly, and with such Noble and Heroick courage, that they may well be styled, the undanted spirits of Christendome. For no sooner had Colonell Langham brought up his Regiment and placed them in a fair battalia, but they immediatly fell on, fighting for the space of three hours most intollerable, being resolved either to lose their own lives, or to win that honour which the former Blew-Coates hath lost. It is credibly reported, that the Enemy lost in this fight at the least seven hundred men, besides many hundreds that are taken prisoners. Then the other two Regiments commanded by his Excellency and the Lord Sey marched up to relieve Collonell Langham, where they did great execution, the Orange Coats fighting with the same Courage and Resolution as they formerly did at Kinton, and after much shot spent on both sides, the Cavaleirs retreated, anf lsft the Towne of Marlow, together with above two thousand of their Confederates dead behind them, besides many that were slain and taken Prisoners, as they were running away. Thus by the great mercy and providence of God his Excellencie hath obtained the victory, giving unto them a farre greater Overthrow than they had at Kinton, insomuch that they have now cleered the Townes of Marlow and Henley. (TT E129(6))

Siege of Reading

pay unto Colonell Langham Colonell of a Regimt of ffoote for a reward unto the comon Souldyers of the said Regimt for their paynes in digging trenches before Reading the sume of 20-00-00
(10/05/43 SP28/7/23)

See Also

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