Colonel John Luttrell’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelJohn Luttrell
Area RaisedDevon
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Parliamentarian foot intended for service in North Devon

Service History


  • June: Luttrell made Colonel
  • June: Retaking of Barnstaple.
  • July to August: Attack on Appledore Fort
  • September: Failed defence of Barnstaple


Luttrell was commissioned to raise regiments of Horse and Foot as part of a plan to retake control of Barnstaple and North Devon. It is not clear if any men were actually raised and he may instead have taken over Sir Samuel Rolles Trained Band Regiment in which he had previously served. The Volunteer regiment was officially reduced 01/12/44. Capt Chappell was landed at Ilfracombe 01/07/44 from the ship Marmaduke.

Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

John Luttrell

Colonel of Foot (02/06/44 - 01/12/44) Colonel of Horse (02/06/44 - 01/12/44) Following which he was briefly Colonel of the Plymouth Horse

Officer List

  • Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Stephens (01/07/44 - 01/12/44) (N.A. SP28/39/200)
  • Major Richard Harris (01/07/44 - 02/11/44)

Both of these officers could instead have served in the Trained Band regt.

  • Captain Samuell Chappell (01/07/44 - 06/09/44 Based at Ilfracombe)


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