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 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
   *July 1645: 70 Officers 568 men   *July 1645: 70 Officers 568 men
 +Some notes from an Add. Mss.in the British Library which gives additional names of inferior Officers in the Regiment.
 + f.21
 +The Accompts of Abraham Bourne Gent.
 +27th September 1642 Pd. Col. Barker by Thos. Whethill £20
 +27.9 Pd to Captayne Robert Colmore for his Company £13.19sh 0d
 +19.10 Pay allowed Abraham Bourne for 3 months pay as Quartermaster £21.0.sh 0d
 +14th January 1642/3 Lieutenant Thornton for Capt. Purefoys Co. £20.0sh 0d
 +14th January 1642/3 Captayne Wards Co. £20 0sh od
 +21st January Capt. Randals Co.  £8 13sh 0d
 +28th January Major Burgoynes Co. £12. 6sh. 8d
 +28th January Lt. Col. Phipps Co. £12 5sh 0d
 +21st January Capt. Willoughby £4.17sh. 0d
 +11th February 1642/3 Lt. Turton for Capt. William Colmores Co. £12 6sh 8d
 +21st February ​       Lt. Beake for Capt. Willoughbys Co.  £19 4sh 2d
 +21st February ​       Mr Basnett which he distributed to Lt. Hunt £5 0sh 0d
 +21st February ​       Capt. Robert Colmores Co. when he went to Stafford out of Ireland money £10 0sh 0d
 +24th February ​       Capt. Willingtons Co. by Lt. Lafield £15 0sh 0d
 +24th February ​       Capt. Willoughbys Co. by Lt. Beake £16. 0sh 0d
 +24th February ​       Capt. Robert Turton by a ? £12.0sh 0d
 +18th March           Lt. Owen for Capt. Randals Co. £5. 18sh 0d
 +7th April 1643       Capt. Willoughbys souldiers who fetched in Sir William Broughton to pay money £1 17sh 6d
 +f.33 mentions Barkers Commission bore date 27th June 1642 to raise a Regiment. Raised 1150 men besides Officers and raised a Troop of Horse March 1642/​3. ​       ​
 +15th September 1642
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