Colonel John Barker’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelJohn Barker
Thomas Willoughby
Area RaisedCoventry
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesGarrison
Waller 1644

Later Thomas Willoughby’s Regiment of Foot

Parliamentarian regiment of foot that garrisoned Coventry from 1642

Service History


  • June: Barker commissioned Colonel, regiment raised in Coventry
  • Garrison of Coventry
  • August: Besieged in Coventry
  • August: Skirmish at Curdsworth Bridge
  • Garrison of Kenilworth Castle (det)


  • June: Capture of Tamworth Castle (det)


  • June: Battle of Cropredy Bridge (det)
  • August to October: Siege of Banbury Castle (det)


  • July: Willoughby takes over the regiment



  • March: Disbanded


Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

A list of officers is shown in Laurence Spring's Waller's Army, The Regiments of Sir William Waller's Southern Association The Pike and Shot Association 2007 ISBN 978-1-902768-34-2

John Barker

John Barker was MP for Coventry and claimed for pay as Colonel to 28th June 1645

From The Cromwell Association Online Directory of Parliamentarian Army Officers 1)

John Barker (died 1670): A draper and alderman of Coventry, son of either Thomas or John Barker, both drapers and sometime mayors of Coventry. Barker was sheriff of Coventry in 1624, mayor in 1634-5 and alderman from then until 1655. Active with others in getting Coventry’s ship money assessment reduced in the mid-1630s. MP for the town in the Long Parliament until temporarily secluded at Pride’s Purge, though he later retook his seat in the Rump.

He spent much of summer 1642 in Coventry working to defend the town and was both governor of Coventry and colonel of Coventry-based forces – both a troop of horse and a regiment of foot – from spring/summer 1642 until June 1645, when he gave up his commands under the terms of the Self-Denying Ordinance, whereupon command of the foot regiment passed to Thomas Willoughby, who was its colonel until it was disbanded in 1647, and command of the troop of horse passed to Captain Henry Flower. Barker’s troop of horse and some of the companies of his foot regiment served elsewhere from time to time – supporting Massey in Gloucestershire in spring 1644 and under Waller in summer 1644, including at the battle of Cropredy Bridge.

During the 1660s Barker and his wife were still living in Coventry, but in reduced circumstances and partly reliant on support from the town; he died in 1670.

References: Keeler, Long Parliament, 96; Spring, Waller’s army, 21.

Thomas Willoughby

Officer Lists


  • Colonel John Barker
  • Lieutenant Colonel [ ] Phipps
  • Major [Peter?] Burgoyne
  • Captain William Colmore
  • Captain Robert Colmore
  • Captain [ ] Willimgton
  • Captain Gamaliel Purefoy
  • Captain Samuel Ward
  • Captain [ ] Lufkin
  • Captain Mathew Randle
  • Captain Thomas Willoughby (Commissioned 30/09/42)2)

July 1645

  • Colonel Thomas Willoughby
  • Lieutenant Colonel [] Phippes
  • Major [Peter?] Burgoyne
  • Captain William Colmore
  • Captain Gamaliel Purefoy
  • Captain Mathew Randle
  • Captain Samuel Ward
  • Captain [] Brownsell

Contemporary References

From original research by Victor Judge aka BCW user 1642

The Bourne Accountancy

Some notes from an Add. Mss. in the British Library which gives additional names of inferior Officers in the Regiment. Extracts. f.21

The Accompts of Abraham Bourne Gent.

  • 27th September 1642 Pd. Col. Barker by Thos. Whethill £20
  • 27.9 Pd to Captayne Robert Colmore for his Company £13.19sh 0d
  • 19.10 Pay allowed Abraham Bourne for 3 months pay as Quartermaster £ 0d
  • 14th January 1642/3 Lieutenant Thornton for Capt. Purefoys Co. £20.0sh 0d
  • 14th January 1642/3 Captayne Wards Co. £20 0sh od
  • 21st January Capt. Randals Co. £8 13sh 0d
  • 28th January Major Burgoynes Co. £12. 6sh. 8d
  • 28th January Lt. Col. Phipps Co. £12 5sh 0d
  • 21st January Capt. Willoughby £4.17sh. 0d
  • 11th February 1642/3 Lt. Turton for Capt. William Colmores Co. £12 6sh 8d
  • 21st February Lt. Beake for Capt. Willoughbys Co. £19 4sh 2d
  • 21st February Mr Basnett which he distributed to Lt. Hunt £5 0sh 0d
  • 21st February Capt. Robert Colmores Co. when he went to Stafford out of Ireland money £10 0sh 0d
  • 24th February Capt. Willingtons Co. by Lt. Lafield £15 0sh 0d
  • 24th February Capt. Willoughbys Co. by Lt. Beake £16. 0sh 0d
  • 24th February Capt. Robert Turton by a ? £12.0sh 0d
  • 18th March Lt. Owen for Capt. Randals Co. £5. 18sh 0d
  • 7th April 1643 Capt. Willoughbys souldiers who fetched in Sir William Broughton to pay money £1 17sh 6d
Barker's Commission

f.33 mentions Barker's Commission bore date 27th June 1642 to raise a Regiment. Raised 1150 men besides Officers and raised a Troop of Horse March 1642/3.


  • 1642-3: 1150 men besides officers raised
  • July 1645: 70 Officers 568 men

See Also

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