Sir Alexander Carew’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelSir Alexander Carew
Area RaisedCornwall
Coat Colour
Flag ColourYellow
Flag DesignBlack Lions
Field ArmiesRuthin 1643?

Short-lived Parliamentarian regiment raised in Cornwall. An existing flag probably belonged to the regiment

Service History


  • September: Raised South-East Cornwall
  • October: Loss of Launceston


  • January: Battle of Braddock Down?
  • Carew made governor of St. Nicholas' Island in Plymouth Sound
  • Carew plots to betray Plymouth to the Royalists but is discovered and arrested


Likely disbanded after heavy losses at Braddock Down, with remnants ending up in Plymouth garrison.


What is very likely one of the Regiment's colours is still preserved at Antony House near Plymouth, and was discovered by Stephen Beck. The flag is made of yellow silk with four black lions passant with red claws and and tongues and white teeth (probably assigned to the fourth captain's company of the regiment). It has been proposed that it was never issued to Carew's regiment and has been stored ever since. Interestingly the arms of Carew were black lions passant on a yellow field.

Carew's buff jerkin also partly survives at Antony House.

Notable Officers

Sir Alexander Carew

Sir Alexander Carew was executed in December 1644 for a plot to betray Plymouth to the Royalists in 1643.


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