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Colonel John Pickering’s Regiment of Dragoons

ConflictsFirst Civil War
ColonelJohn Pickering
Area RaisedEast Anglia
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesManchester 1644

Parliamentarian regiment of dragoons briefly serving with the Eastern Association

Service History


  • Raised early 1644 or late 1643
  • February: Repulsed from Hillesden House
  • April: Disbanded


Maybe they were reduced into Manchester's dragoons.

Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

A list of the regiment’s officers is shown in Laurence Spring’s Regiments of the Eastern Association1)

Colonel John Pickering

Officer List

In addition to the officers shown by Spring

  • Captain Birkin (Leading a company of Cambridgeshire men in 01/44)2)
    • Cornet Samuel Wendis


See Also

1) The Regiments of the Eastern Association Vol. 2, Laurence Spring, Stuart Press 1998 ISBN 1 85804 119 8
2) N.A. SP28/152/Pt20/17