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   *February: Muster under Rich at Bury St Edmunds   *February: Muster under Rich at Bury St Edmunds
   *March: Ingoldsby replaces Rich   *March: Ingoldsby replaces Rich
-  *April: Ingoldsby ​captures ​Lambert at Daventry+  ​*Captain Timothy Clare'​s troop joins Lambert 
 +  ​*April: Ingoldsby ​leads 5 troops to capture ​Lambert at Daventry
   *5th December: Disbanded at Northampton   *5th December: Disbanded at Northampton
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   *Captain Gabriel Hopkin'​s Troop   *Captain Gabriel Hopkin'​s Troop
   *Captain John Toomes'​ Troop   *Captain John Toomes'​ Troop
 +Joining Lambert
 +  *Captain Timothy Clare'​s Troop
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====