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   *June: Battle of Maidstone   *June: Battle of Maidstone
   *June: Battle at Colchester   *June: Battle at Colchester
-  *June to August: Siege of Colchester+  *June to August: Siege of Colchester ​(4 troops led by Desborough)
 ====1649==== ====1649====
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   *April: Lord Fauconberg replaces Hesilrige as Colonel   *April: Lord Fauconberg replaces Hesilrige as Colonel
   *April: Robert Heslirige’s troop follows Lambert   *April: Robert Heslirige’s troop follows Lambert
-  *April: Lambert force surrenders ​at Daventry+  *April: ​Robert Heslirige’s troop surrenders with Lambert'​s ​force at Daventry
   *June: The Duke of York becomes nominal Colonel   *June: The Duke of York becomes nominal Colonel
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   *Captain: James Berry   *Captain: James Berry
 +The Lord Protector'​s Regiment of Horse((Worcester College Oxford, Clarke Manuscripts))
 +  *Colonel'​s troop at Paisley & Irwin
 +  *Major William Packer'​s troop at St Johnstons, "6 and a corporal"​ at Sinclair Castle
 +  *Captain John Gladman'​s troop at Stirling
 +  *Captain William Malin'​s troop at Kilmarnock & Maibold
 +  *Captain William Barrington'​s troop at St Andrews "of which twelve"​ at Ruthin Castle
 +  *Captain Anthony Spinach'​s troop at Sterling Down & Cardross
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
   *1645: Established at six troops   *1645: Established at six troops