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 | |Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper|  | |Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper|
 |**Area Raised**|East Anglia|  |**Area Raised**|East Anglia|
-|**Flag Colour**||  +|**Flag Colour**|Blue?|  
-|**Flag Design**| | +|**Flag Design**|See below|
 |**Field Armies**|NMA 1645-6| |**Field Armies**|NMA 1645-6|
 | |Fairfax 1648| | |Fairfax 1648|
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 ===== Flags and Equipment===== ===== Flags and Equipment=====
 +In the Eastern Association Colonel Fleetwood'​s cornet was blue with a blue and yellow fringe, it showed an arm wielding a sword emerging from a cloud and the motto on a scroll //GOD IS MY STRENGTH//​((The Regiments of the Eastern Association Vol. 1, Laurence Spring, Stuart Press 1998 ISBN 1 85804 119 8)). Whether Fleetwood kept the same design in the New Model Army is uncertain.
 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====