Colonel Bartholomew Vermuyden’s Regiment of Horse

Active1645 to 1660
ConflictsFirst Civil War
Second Civil War
Third Civil War
ColonelBartholomew Vermuyden
Oliver Cromwell
John Disbrowe
Valentine Walton
Charles Howard
Area RaisedEast Anglia
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesNMA 1645-6
Cromwell 1648
Cromwell 1651

Later Lt. Gen. Oliver Cromwell’s, Colonel John Disbrowe’s, Valentine Walton’s and Charles Howard’s Regiment of Horse

New Model Army regiment of horse serving in the First, Second and Third Civil Wars

Service History


  • April: Formed from Colonel Bartholomew Vermuyden’s Regiment of Horse of Manchester’s Army
  • June: Battle of Naseby
  • June: Siege of Leicester
  • June: Vermuyden lays down his commission to go overseas, the regiment given to Cromwell
  • July: Battle of Langport
  • July: Siege of Bridgewater
  • August to September: Siege of Bristol
  • September: Siege of Devizes
  • September to October: Siege of Winchester
  • October: Siege of Basing House


  • February: Battle of Torrington
  • May to June: Siege of Oxford
  • Quartered in Northamptonshire


  • April: Not to be disbanded but support those dissatisfied in the army


  • May: Sent to South Wales
  • May to July: Siege of Pembroke Castle
  • July: Battle of Preston
  • July: Battle of Winwick Pass
  • October: Sent to Scotland under Lambert
  • October: Return to England, quartered in London


  • May: The regiment opposes the Levellers
  • September: Quartered in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset
  • Disbrowe replaces Cromwell, who departs on his Irish campaign



  • September: Battle of Worcester





  • In the West Country, suppressing Penruddock’s rising





  • November: March north but return to St Albans


  • January: Disbrowe replaced by Valentine Walton
  • Walton replaced by Charles Howard
  • October: Disbanded


A history of the regiment is given in The Regimental History of Cromwell's Army by Sir Charles Firth and Godfrey Davies, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1940.

The regiment was formed from Bartholomew Vermuyden’s Regiment of Horse of Manchester’s army. In June 1645 Vermuyden resigned his commission to Fairfax due to pressing business overseas and, excepted from the Self-Denying Ordinance, Oliver Cromwell became Colonel of the regiment. Vermuyden’s regiment fought at Naseby under Cromwell, seemingly before Cromwell’s Colonelcy was confirmed. They went on to fight in the Western Campaign, in a succession of sieges in the West, then at the siege of Oxford.

In 1648 the regiment accompanied Cromwell to South Wales, serving at the siege of Pembroke, then swiftly marching North to face the Scots. They played a distinguished part in Cromwell’s victory at Preston and were briefly attached to Lambert’s command during the pursuit of the defeated Scots. They were not taken to Ireland by Cromwell, but instead were passed to Colonel Disbrowe, who led the regiment at Worcester in 1651.

After this the regiment had a rather uneventful time, serving throughout in England. In the turmoil of 1660 Disbrowe was replaced by Valentine Walton, then Walton replaced by Charles Howard, before the regiment were disbanded in October.

Flags and Equipment

Blount noted that: Sir Thos Fairfax….. and Gen. Cromwell, both bear plain colours for their own troups, without any devise1), though this may refer to Cromwell's cornet in the Eastern Association. If has been proposed that Cromwell's cornet was plain white as an illustration in a contemporary list of flags is blank.

Notable Officers

Colonel Bartholomew Vermuyden

Vermuyden, a Dutchman, was Colonel of the regiment in the Army of the Eastern Association under the Earl of Manchester. He returned overseas in 1645.

Lt Gen Oliver Cromwell

Colonel John Disbrowe

Colonel Valentine Walton

Colonel Charles Howard

Officer Lists

More detailed lists of officers for April and May 1645, December 1646, May and August 1647 and May 1649 are shown in Reconstructing the New Model Army. Volume 1, Regimental Lists April 1645 to May 1649 by Malcolm Wanklyn, Helion & Co. 2015. ISBN 978-1-910777-10-7.

May 1645 and December 1646

From Anglia Rediviva2)

  • Colonel: Bartholomew Vermuyden, replaced by Oliver Cromwell
  • Major: Robert Huntingdon
  • Captain: John Jenkins
  • Captain: Henry Middleton
  • Captain: John Reynolds
  • Captain: Bush, replaced by John Blackwell

August 1648

  • Colonel: Lieutenant-General Oliver Cromwell's Regiment of Horse
  • Major: John Blackmore
  • Captain: Joseph Wallington
  • Captain: John Jenkins
  • Captain: ?
  • Captain: ?


  • 1645: Established at six troops

See Also

1) The Art of making Devises 2nd Ed, Thomas Blount, London, 1655
2) Sprigge, Joshua, Anglia Rediviva, London 1647