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 |**Type**|Horse|  |**Type**|Horse|
 |**Colonel**|Lord Erskine| |**Colonel**|Lord Erskine|
-|**Area Raised**|Various| +|**Area Raised**|Dumbarton|  
 +| |Stirling| 
 +| |Clackmannan|
 |**Coat Colour**| |  |**Coat Colour**| |
 |**Flag Colour**| |  |**Flag Colour**| |
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 ===== Service History ===== ===== Service History =====
 +  *December: Erskine nominated colonel of horse for Dumbarton, Stirling and Clacmannanshire
 ====1651==== ====1651====
 +  *January: Erskine commissioned colone
   *Raised in Stirling, Clackmannan and Dumbarton   *Raised in Stirling, Clackmannan and Dumbarton
-  *Assigned to Van Druske’s 6th Cavalry Brigade+  *May: Assigned to Van Druske’s 6th Cavalry Brigade 
 +  *May: Illegally cessing Renfrewshire,​ moved out of Dumbartonshire
   *September: Battle of Worcester   *September: Battle of Worcester
 =====Notes===== =====Notes=====
 +A history of the unit is shown in Edward M. Furgol’s //A Regimental History of the Covenanting Armies 1639-1651// Edinburgh, 1990. ISBN 0 85976 194 0
 =====Coats, Flags & Equipment===== =====Coats, Flags & Equipment=====
 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
-====Lord Erskine====+====John Erskine, ​Lord Erskine====
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
 =====See Also====== =====See Also======
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====