Colonel Gilbert Kerr’s Regiment of Horse

Active1647 to 1648
1649 to 1650
ConflictsSecond Civil War
Third Civil War
ColonelGilbert Kerr
Alexander Ramsey
Area RaisedDumfries
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesMunro 1648?
Leslie 1650
Kerr 1650

Led by Major Alexander Ramsey during 1648

Covenanter horse of the Scots New Model Army, later fighting at Dunbar then joining the Western Association

Service History


  • January: Kerr's troop forms part of the Scots New Model Army


  • May: Kerr supports the Kirk party so the troop is assigned to Ramsey by the Engagers
  • Kerr joins the Whiggamores
  • September: Battle of Stirling?
  • September: Disbanded after the Treaty of Stirling


  • February: Kerr commissioned to raise a regiment of 240 horse from Dumfriesshire
  • March: Lt Col Strachan's troop sent to suppress mutiny at Stirling
  • April to May: Move from Ross to Balvenie
  • May: Skirmish at Balvenie, defeating Pluscardine's Royalists
  • June: Quartered in Ross, Cromarty and Inverness, then Fife, Angus and the Mearns
  • July: At Coupar Angus
  • Quarter in northern Scotland


  • Quartered in Brahan, Chanonry and Ross
  • April: Strachan's troop at Ross
  • April: Skirmish at Carbisdale, defeating Montrose (Strachan t)
  • June: Kerr and Strachan ordered to Lanark, Craigdarroch to Stirlingshire
  • June - July: Strachan and his troop depart to form his own Regiment of Horse
  • September: Battle of Dunbar
  • September: Kerr leads the Western Association army
  • October: Quartered at Paisley
  • November: At Carmunock
  • December: Battle of Hamilton Kerr and the Western Association army defeated by Lambert, Kerr wounded and captured
  • Survivors join Strachan but he soon surrenders to the English


A history of the unit is shown in Edward M. Furgol’s A Regimental History of the Covenanting Armies 1639-1651 Edinburgh, 1990. ISBN 0 85976 194 0

Likely originally raised from Lieutenant General John Middleton’s Regiment of Horse, in which Kerr had served as Lt Col.

Flags & Equipment

Under the Western Association wore buff coats.

Notable Officers

Gilbert Kerr

Otherwise Carr, and known as 'Gibby', he commanded the troop as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1647, lately of Middleton's horse.

Alexander Ramsey

Replaced Kerr and commanded as a Major under the Engagers during 1648.

Archibald Strachan

Strachan was Lt Col under Kerr from 1649 to mid 1650, when he was given his own regiment


  • 1647: A single troop, originally of 80 men, reduced to 75
  • 1648: Ramsey instructed to increase the unit to a regiment of 180
  • February 1649: 240 horse to be raised
  • July 1649: 3 troops; Kerr 60, Strachan 60, Craigdarroch 54
  • August 1649: 146 more recruits ordered from Dumfriesshire
  • July 1650: 146 recruits ordered from Dumfriesshire
  • September 1650: Kerr recruits his regiment up to 400 horse in the Western Association after Dunbar

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