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 <WRAP right> <WRAP right>
-|**Active**|1643 to 1645|+|**Active**|1643 to 1646|
 |**Country**|Scotland| |**Country**|Scotland|
 |**Allegiance**|Covenanter| |**Allegiance**|Covenanter|
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 |**Type**|Foot|  |**Type**|Foot|
 |**Colonel**|Sir Arthur Erskine| |**Colonel**|Sir Arthur Erskine|
-|**Area Raised**| |  +|**Area Raised**|Scotland|  
-|**Coat Colour**|Grey|+|**Coat Colour**|Grey ​or Black??|
 |**Flag Colour**||  |**Flag Colour**||
 |**Flag Design**||  |**Flag Design**||
-|**Field Armies**|Leven ​1643-5|+|**Field Armies**|Leven ​1644-7|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-//​Covenanter Regiment of Foot raised ​for service in England, forming part of Leven’s army//+//​Covenanter Regiment of Foot raised ​by the Ministers of the Kirk, forming part of Leven’s army in England//
 ===== Service History ===== ===== Service History =====
 ====1643==== ====1643====
-  *Raised ​+  *September: Begin to be raised
 ====1644==== ====1644====
 +  *January: Join Leven'​s army
   *April to July: Siege of York   *April to July: Siege of York
   *2nd July: Battle of Marston Moor   *2nd July: Battle of Marston Moor
   *July: Siege of York   *July: Siege of York
-  *July to October: Siege of Newcastle+  *July: Quartered in Yorkshire 
 +  *August ​to October: Siege of Newcastle
 ====1645==== ====1645====
   *July to September: Siege of Hereford   *July to September: Siege of Hereford
 +  *November to May 1646: Siege of Newark
 +  *May to January 1647: Quartered in Northern England
 +  *February: Return to Scotland and disbanded
 =====Notes==== =====Notes====
-=====Coats ​and Flags=====+A history of the unit is shown in Edward M. Furgol’s //A Regimental History of the Covenanting Armies 1639-1651// Edinburgh, 1990. ISBN 0 85976 194 0 
 +Raised by the clergy of Scotland to be //ane regiment for maintenance of religion// and thus known as the Ministers'​ regiment. 
 +=====CoatsFlags & Equipment===== 
 +Allegedly the regiment wore black coats made from old clerical garb donated by the Ministers of Scotland. However currently have no original source for this so requires confirmation. ​
 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 +A list of the regiment'​s officers is shown in Stuart Reid's //Scots Armies of the 17th Century 1. The Army of the Covenant 1639-1651// Partizan Press 1998 ISBN 094652550 ​
 ====Sir Arthur Erskine==== ====Sir Arthur Erskine====
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
 +  *February 1644: 3 companies
 +  *Summer 1644: 5 companies
 +  *December 1644: 464 men
 +  *March 1645: 385 men
 +  *January 1646: 256 men
 +  *April 1646: 243 men
 =====See Also======  =====See Also======
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====