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 <WRAP right> <WRAP right>
 |**Active**|1639| |**Active**|1639|
-| |1645|+| |1644 to 1645|
 |**Country**|Scotland| |**Country**|Scotland|
 |**Allegiance**|Covenanter| |**Allegiance**|Covenanter|
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   *June: Disbanded following the Treaty of Birks   *June: Disbanded following the Treaty of Birks
   *Spring: Raised in Aberdeenshire   *Spring: Raised in Aberdeenshire
 +  *April: Rendezvous with Argyll at Dunottar Castle
   *May: Occupy Aberdeen   *May: Occupy Aberdeen
 +  *May: Taking of Kellie Castle
 +  *May: Taking of Gight Castle
 +  *September: Battle of Aberdeen
 ====1645==== ====1645====
   *February: Battle of Inverlochy   *February: Battle of Inverlochy
   *May: Battle of Auldearn   *May: Battle of Auldearn
 +  *May: Skirmish at head of Strathdon
 =====Notes==== =====Notes====