Colonel John Lindsay of Edzell’s Regiment of Foot

Active1650 to 1651
ConflictsThird Civil War
ColonelJohn Lindsay
Area RaisedForfarshire
Coat ColourGrey?
Flag ColourRed
Flag DesignWhite saltire
Field ArmiesLeslie 1650
Charles 1651

Service History


  • July: Lindsay commissioned colonel to raise a regiment in Angus and Dundee
  • 3rd September: Battle of Dunbar


  • May: At Stirling
  • September: Battle of Worcester?


A history of the unit is shown in Edward M. Furgol’s A Regimental History of the Covenanting Armies 1639-1651 Edinburgh, 1990. ISBN 0 85976 194 0

The regiment may have been supplemented from the remnants of Lord Balfour of Burleigh’s Regiment of Foot

Coats and Flags

Flags captured at Dunbar identified as Lindsay's were red with white saltires. Two had devices, one having a blue lion in a white shield surrounded by a wreath and the motto IN THEE O LORD DO WE TRUST, the other had a green tree and black motto REVIRESCO and the inscription Couanant for Religion King and Kingdoms.1)

Notable Officers

Colonel John Lindsay of Edzell


  • July 1650: 1214 foot planned to be levied
  • winter 1650-1: 334 private soldiers, 22 sick, 2 captains, 12 sergeants, 1 scribe, a drum major with 6 drummers, a piper and 19 corporals (total of 398)
  • June 1651: 403 men
  • July 1651: 438 men

See Also

1) Stuart Reid's Scots Armies of the 17th Century 2: Scots Colours Partizan Press 1988