Captain Lewes Moore’s Troop of Horse

Active1644 to 1646
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
CaptainLewes Moore
Area RaisedLeinster
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesCastlehaven 1644
Owen Roe O’Neill 1646

Irish Confederate horse of the Leinster Army transferred to Owen Roe O’Neill’s Ulster Army

Service History


  • Serving under Castlehaven1)


  • Transferred from the Leinster to Ulster armies, the men desert, forcing Moore to return and missing the Battle of Benburb2)
  • August: Join O’Neill’s Ulster army at last


Moore was commissioned colonel of horse in 1646 by Owen Roe O’Neill

Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

Lewes Moore

Brother of Roger Moore

Officer List


  • 1644: A single troop of a captain and 49 horse

See Also

1) History of the Irish Confederation and the war in Ireland, 1641 [-1649] containing a narrative of affairs of Ireland, by Richard Bellings. With correspondence and documents of the confederation and of the administrators of the English government in Ireland, contemporary personal statements, memoirs, etc. Now for the first time published from original manuscripts. Ed. by John T. Gilbert.
2) The Battle of Benburb 1646. Clive Hollick, Mercier Press, 2011. ISBN 978 1 85635 670 1.