Colonel William Warren’s Regiment of Foot

Active1646 to 1649
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelWilliam Warren
Area RaisedLeinster
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesPreston 1647
Ormonde 1649

Irish Confederate foot from Leinster serving at the Siege of Bunratty Castle and Battle of Dungan's Hill, ending up massacred at Drogheda

Service History


  • February: Captain Cusack to raise his company1)
  • March: Regiment ordered to Ballyhack2)
  • To July: Siege of Bunratty Castle
  • October: Storm of Castlericard


  • August: Battle of Dungan's Hill Warren captured



  • August: Battle of Rathmines (in reserve)
  • September: Besieged at Drogheda
  • September: Massacred at Drogheda


The regiment was assembled from all counties of Leinster for service in England in 1646 but instead remained in Ireland. They appear to have been very heavily defeated at Dungan's Hill, with every company commander captured or killed. By 1649 the regiment had been reconstituted and fought in Ormonde's Royalist army at Rathmines, though they were in reserve and not heavily engaged. Subsequently they were sent to garrison Drogheda and were massacred there after Cromwell's storm of the city.

Coats, Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

William Warren

Of Warrenstown, County Louth. Killed at Drogheda. It is said that his feet were blown off by a cannon-ball and he continued fighting on the stumps until overpowered, then was executed the next day.

Officer List


  • Col. William Warren3).
  • Lt Col. Brian Mac Geoghegan (KIA at Bunratty in early June 1646)
  • Maj. Fitzgerald
  • Capt. Brendon Cusack
  • Capt. Donagh O'Carroll
  • Capt. Nicholas Devereaux
  • Capt. Roger Darcy
  • Capt. James Fitzgerald
  • Capt. Art Mac Geoghegan
  • Capt. Anthony Hore
  • Capt. Conor Mac Keegan (recruited while besieging Bunratty, cashiered in July 1646)
  • Capt. Henry Warren (raised November 1646)
  • Capt. Luke Bath (raised November 1646)


Musters of Warren's regiment are shown by Lenihan4).

  • May 1646: 866 men
  • July 1646: 808 men
  • November 1646: 865 men
  • June 1647: 967 men
  • August 1649: 636 men in all; Colonel, Major, 9 Capt, 11 Lt, 11 Ens, 22 Sgt, 33 Corp, 14 drums, 528 private soldiers, 2 chaplains, chirurgion & mate, quartermaster, carriage master, marshall5)

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