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-  * [[scots-royalist:​foot-regiments:​manus-o-cahan|Col. Manus mac Gilladuff O’ Cahan]] ​(also see Capt. John Mortimer'​s Troop of Dragoons)+  * [[scots-royalist:​foot-regiments:​manus-o-cahan|Col. Manus mac Gilladuff O’ Cahan]] ​
   * [[Col. Manus Roe O' Cahan]]   * [[Col. Manus Roe O' Cahan]]
   * [[Col. Roger O' Cahan]]   * [[Col. Roger O' Cahan]]
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   * [[scots-royalist:​foot-regiments:​alastair-maccolla-s-lifeguard|Alaister MacColla]]   * [[scots-royalist:​foot-regiments:​alastair-maccolla-s-lifeguard|Alaister MacColla]]
-  * [[Col. Neal mac Colkittagh]] see [[scots-royalist:​foot-regiments:​alastair-maccolla-s-lifeguard|Alaister MacColla]]+  * Col. Neal mac Colkittagh see [[scots-royalist:​foot-regiments:​alastair-maccolla-s-lifeguard|Alaister MacColla]]
   * [[scots-royalist:​foot-regiments:​alexander-macdonnell|Col. Alexander MacDonnell]]   * [[scots-royalist:​foot-regiments:​alexander-macdonnell|Col. Alexander MacDonnell]]
   * [[scots-royalist:​foot-regiments:​james-macdonnell|Col. James MacDonnell]]   * [[scots-royalist:​foot-regiments:​james-macdonnell|Col. James MacDonnell]]
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   * [[Col. Cormac O' Neill]]   * [[Col. Cormac O' Neill]]
   * [[Lt. Gen. Owen Roe O' Neill]] ​   * [[Lt. Gen. Owen Roe O' Neill]] ​
-  * [[Col. Phelim macHuol O'​Neill|Col. Phelim mac Tuathail O' Neill]] see [[Lt. Gen. Owen Roe O' Neill]]+  * Col. Phelim mac Tuathail O' Neill see [[Lt. Gen. Owen Roe O' Neill]]
   * [[Sir Phelim O' Neill|Sir Phelim mac Shane O' Neill]]   * [[Sir Phelim O' Neill|Sir Phelim mac Shane O' Neill]]
   * [[Col. Shane Oge O'​Neill]]   * [[Col. Shane Oge O'​Neill]]